Fourteen Firsts – The Stories


Yet more reviews of the stories from the superb Anthology recently published. If you’ve not checked it out yet, please do…off you go….Oh yes, and make sure you review it after you have read it.

Coming Home by Anna Reilly

A tale of a winter storm and the consequences for two ladies. They are stuck together in the remote Montana mountains after a trip for supplies. Beth with her four legged family and then she meets Misty a young traveller.

Anna has a blog which has become a home to a few waif and stray brats. Check it out

The First Jump by C J O’Hara

Sage takes the first steps into the world of TTWD and comes face to face with Tanya. She finds her new friend has many training tasks for her as she tries to prove she is really ready to take the jump.

An Appealing First by Claire Britain

A successful attorney with a failed marriage sets up a blind date with another woman after reading her profile on a dating website. Rebecca finally meets Gemma and their date turns very interesting for them both after the supper.

Claire wrote the wonderful book Reining in Riley which can be found here –

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Fourteen Firsts – The Stories


Reviews of more stories from the superb Anthology recently published. If you’ve not checked it out yet, please do…off you go….Oh yes, and make sure you review it after you have read it.

First Timers, Old Timers by Caroline Bentley

A romantic tale, with a lovely, heartfelt twist that left me with a lump in my throat and watery eyes. Beautifully written story telling the tale of Harley and Beth. The live and work together and now they share something else together.

Stay With Me by Mishi Dreamer

A trip to the old cabin which has many memories for Aurora and Sienna. Now they have few more to think about as they plan they future life with each other.

Check out Mishi and her other stories on her blog.

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A Winters Tale


And all I know for sure

All I know for real

Is knowing doesn’t mean so much

When placed against the feeling

The heat inside

When bodies meet

When fingers touch

The music swam around my head. I stare out of the window at the rush of people as they dodge the snow and sleet. They look frozen, bedraggled or in some cases downright silly as yet another gust brought a flurry of snow their way. Continue reading

Stolen Kiss



6:30 winter morn
Snow keeps falling, silence
She dreams of worlds far away
Sweet little worlds made for silence
Not talk, not heartache
Young heart for love

Every thawing heart plays a theme
Into eyes while they’re still blind
She took a step
Outside an innocent heart
Deep in a dream
For true loves first kiss

“Teach me passion
Show me love
Kiss while your lips are still red
So much more I wanted I’m sorry
No more to shame, nor me, nor you
And you…
I wish I didn’t feel for you anymore…”

Cherish the moment
Don’t let the dream fade to grey
The night hurts like never before
No last words to say
Only memories remain
Fare thee well, little broken heart

Whatever walks in her heart, will walk alone

E xx

Charlotte’s Alley


“Hello, I thought you’d gone.”

Charlotte sat somewhat awkwardly at the raised table by the large circular pillar, placed her large glass of white wine spritzer down and smiled.

“Hello back.”

Taking a sip from her glass Megan clinked Charlotte’s with a ‘cheers’.

“Who was that you were with when I arrived. Oh yeah, and thanks for letting me think you’d just gone and stood me up.” Continue reading