The Unexpected

IMG_2019I pull the curtains closed, it took the usual hard tug on the left one before it slid to meet its mate.

“Look, I know I have asked this before, but I really, really do want to make sure you want to go through with this.”

I said the words to my best friend Lainey who was stood by the door. She was stood in a black top and ripped jeans. It wouldn’t be her if she wasn’t wearing those, not that she always wore the same clothes though. She had a lot of t-shirts, all black of course, many from the various bands she listened to. Jeans, all black also, her wardrobe was stuffed with them. Continue reading

The Sunday Short Play

IMG_0784“This is BBC Radio Four. The times is 5pm on this sunny August Sunday. Now we have our tea time short play. Today we find ourselves down at a cottage in the country.”

“I suppose you’ve earned a little spank after all this teasing, no?”

If you say so miss.”

“And for bearing all your little jealousies so well. I work hard to keep you jealous and to make sure you’ve got something to be jealous about! Hmm, yes, scoot that little bum across my lap then.”

Yes miss.”

“Your mommie wont be bothering us, will she?” Continue reading

Eye Candy

We dream the dream
We smile the smile
The voices inside
Flicker the fluttering black matted lashes
Across the room
Across the airwaves
Just another game played here
Just another pot of hopeful mannequins
Offering up eye candy
To those willing to dance to my latest tune Continue reading

Friday Morning Fun!

So, I finally got my spanking on Welcome to the Fair blog. Wow, it seemed so real reading it, I got such a buzz.

I was on edge all night anticipating it. In fact, I woke up this morning early and it was the first thing I thought about. This led to naughty things popping inside my head, which made their way further down. So my shower was delayed by ten minutes!

It also set me thinking. I am about post a story I have re-written about a nice lady who gives herself a spanking some mornings before going to work, so she gets the thrill of sitting on a bus with a hot bottom. That is what I did. I had my shower, got dressed (minus underwear) and gave myself a good few spanks with my hand. I made it hurt and my bum was a nice pink colour. It was probably not as red as mine after the one in the blog but it felt quite warm. Putting my shoes on and about to go and catch the bus I spied my white canvas shoes and they were calling to me. “Please use me on your bottom.” So I did, just one on each cheek. It made my eyes water, but it gave me another level of tingle down below.

Here I am sat at my desk, about to start work, having journeyed on a bus with a warm bum, wondering if anyone could tell. Now I have a whole morning thinking the same thing. I feel so very, very naughty!

E xx


I have had the tingles all day….

I’ve been busy most of the day but I have managed to catch a sneaky peak at the spanking romance blog. It’s been a long wait to find out what happens to the brats. There we are sitting on the sofa having been dragged to the house by the Tops.

It is my first time being a brat and it has been such fun. Now I am about to get a swatting for my actions at the fair. It is making me all gooey with anticipation and I cannot stop thinking about it. The thought of getting the punishment, the feel of the paddle on my bottom, then the heat exploding after.

Every time I got a moment it would pop into my head and I would tingle all over again.

Maybe one day it might happen for real. In the meantime here is the link so you find out what became of me.

E xx