After The Party

I hear the clock chime from the hall. It is 11.15 as I stand by the kitchen table waiting for the kettle to boil. Click and turning to see the steam wafting towards the ceiling, I lollop towards it, my head hurts with every step, my muscles ache. My own fault I know, but did it have to remind all the time.

I pour the black strong liquid, stir it and as I turn to put the spoon in the sink I see Emma standing by the door. I did not hear her come down. I smile.

“Good morning.” Wincing as my face muscle ache. Continue reading


Hi, and welcome to my restful Sunday.  I have three pieces of my mind for you today. Three, I hear you say. Well, yes, because they are all inter-connected. 

The poetry below was what started it all off. It’s called Party Girls and was written three or four years ago. It sat dormant in my file for a year, when inspiration popped along and I wrote a story to go along with it. The bit in the middle followed six months after that was finished, and has never been published before. Continue reading

Thought For The Day


These words are for someone special, you know who you are!

You raise me up
When I’m on the floor
You see me through
When I’m lonely and scared
And I’m feeling true to the written word
And you’re true to me
And still I need more
It would tear me apart
To feel no one ever cared
For me
For me
For me
You are a tower of strength to me

You stand firm and proud
When the wind blows in your face
And when the sun shines in your eyes
You just turn your head away
To me
To me
To me
You are a tower of strength to me

You rescue me
You are my faith
My hope
My liberty
And when there is darkness all around
You shine bright for me
You are the guiding light

To me
To me
To me
You are a tower of strength to me

You are all passion and heart
When I lay in your embrace
And heaven is in your kiss
Salvation lies just a touch away

To me
To me
To me
You are a tower of strength to me

© The Mission 1988

Watching The Rain Upon The Ocean

]PJOWatching the rain upon the ocean through the endless rainbow.

There is nothing more I can do this morning, even if I had the energy. I listen to the rain and wind through the partly open doors. The pit, patter of the drops on the patio tiles, once a bright orange colour, now a dark brown wet colour.

Once again, my mind wanders to last year and the week spent here, half way up the mountain overlooking the sea. ‘The view through the bedroom window is beyond words,’ she said, and it was true. Waking up to this is worth more than anything money could ever buy. Continue reading

The Unexpected

IMG_2019I pull the curtains closed, it took the usual hard tug on the left one before it slid to meet its mate.

“Look, I know I have asked this before, but I really, really do want to make sure you want to go through with this.”

I said the words to my best friend Lainey who was stood by the door. She was stood in a black top and ripped jeans. It wouldn’t be her if she wasn’t wearing those, not that she always wore the same clothes though. She had a lot of t-shirts, all black of course, many from the various bands she listened to. Jeans, all black also, her wardrobe was stuffed with them. Continue reading

The Sunday Short Play

IMG_0784“This is BBC Radio Four. The times is 5pm on this sunny August Sunday. Now we have our tea time short play. Today we find ourselves down at a cottage in the country.”

“I suppose you’ve earned a little spank after all this teasing, no?”

If you say so miss.”

“And for bearing all your little jealousies so well. I work hard to keep you jealous and to make sure you’ve got something to be jealous about! Hmm, yes, scoot that little bum across my lap then.”

Yes miss.”

“Your mommie wont be bothering us, will she?” Continue reading