Behind The Curtains on a Slow Bus Home

Travelling on the twenty six bus

Friday afternoon 2pm



Music on

Music off

All the leafy lanes

And car parked streets

Blinds down or drawn

Curtains plain, chintz, washed or boiled

Then there is closed


Baby sleeping, Daddy shifts

Or Mummy tired

Granny nodding and knitting

Uncle Ted wanking

Auntie Pat masturbating

Yes you heard me right

All those sweet white than white

Male, female or in between

Rubbing, pulling or poking

Knickers down, pulled aside

Brassiere up or off

Two, three, four fingers or more

In, out shake it all about

On the plumped up pillow

A rolled up used sock today

Crinkled panties yesterday

Thinking of Neil from Deal

Or Cath from Bath

Last night

Tomorrow night

Any night, any place, anywhere

Perhaps on the bed

In the chair


Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow

Kleenex, towel, sheet

Maybe on the carpet floor

Light blue with a hint of cream

How far do you go Mary Jo?

What really goes on…

Behind the curtains on a slow bus home

P.S. Did ya lock the door!


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