Do you do Anal?

“Do you do anal?”

Enquired a man
Whose name was Stan
Waiting for a train
In the morning rain

“Oh my,” I said
Blushing bright red
Shocking and rude
To a girl who’s a prude

I thought him an ass
Vulgar and crass
But I got to wondering
Thoughts and pondering

The size of his dick,
Knob, cock or prick
Would it be strong,
Big and long

Would it be fun
Stuck in my bum
Or nasty and sleazy
To be that easy

I made up my mind
To be nice and kind
So off in a zoom
To find a room

With a lick of his lip
He pulled down the zip
I gasped out loud
It stood thick and proud

He whipped out a tube
Passion fruit lube
Thrust after thrust
With wanton lust

Fucking my bum
Like banging a drum
With a push and a shunt
He came with a grunt

Here lies a tale
Of a woman called Gail
On a cold wet day
In the middle of May

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