Eye Candy

We dream the dream
We smile the smile
The voices inside
Flicker the fluttering black matted lashes
Across the room
Across the airwaves
Just another game played here
Just another pot of hopeful mannequins
Offering up eye candy
To those willing to dance to my latest tune

The heat of the night
Thighs and arms entwined
In the kitchen
In the hall
The bed that could tell a story or three
Lips that quiver over sprouting nipples
Fingers trace and race around
Parts that refresh and refresh
Until the dawn chorus finds us spooning

You are the oh so different eye candy
One that finally caught the hopes and dreams
We dance a tango now
We finish each other’s sentences without thought
Laugh at each other’s jokes without end
Cascading conversations
Telling the tales, told over and over
How we met on a Friday
How we fucked in the caravan at Margate
And do your knickers show in the tight clingy black dress

What if it is forever and forever?
Will the thoughts turn to silence?
The joke with no laughing
And what do we have in reality
Another endless night after night after night
Waiting upon the next advert on TV
Or will it be the next Friday mannequin
Shimmering down eye candy lane
With even more sprouting bits

That is me just scared of my commitments
Like every time after time before
The ‘not good enough for you’ syndrome
That hurts like a baseball bat when rejected
No I am positive this time
Positive I love you
Yes there I’ve said it now
Forever and ever
Until the mists of time linger no more
And the eye candy is just a memory

E xx










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