The Sunday Short Play

IMG_0784“This is BBC Radio Four. The times is 5pm on this sunny August Sunday. Now we have our tea time short play. Today we find ourselves down at a cottage in the country.”

“I suppose you’ve earned a little spank after all this teasing, no?”

If you say so miss.”

“And for bearing all your little jealousies so well. I work hard to keep you jealous and to make sure you’ve got something to be jealous about! Hmm, yes, scoot that little bum across my lap then.”

Yes miss.”

“Your mommie wont be bothering us, will she?”

No miss.”

“With the door locked, I don’t think we mind whether the neighbours hear your little mewls or not. Gives them something to think about if they do. After all, you’re a little voyeur and behind every little voyeur there’s a dirty little exhibitionist waiting to come out! Mmm, such a creamy little bum. I’ve missed it, you know! But now I think after a few gentle touches that nasty little bum wants to get down to business.”



“Yes Lainey, it’s time for your medicine! You’re gonna have to be a good girl whether you like it or not and really, I don’t care either way, because either way, I’m gonna…”


“Spank that pert little bottom as much as I please.”


“When I please. Isn’t that correct?”

Yes miss.”

“Hmm, I adore your sensuous backside, the magic flow of the supple spine.”

I adore your hand miss.”

“The flex of the hips as they adjust themselves, anticipating my next move, whether it be a smooth caress to your soft innocent flesh. Those taut buttocks you so like to taunt me with, and god knows how many walking the streets of bonny England! But tonight, that ass is mine!”


“You know you’re always such a bad girl. It takes a bad girl to know, and I know!”

“Not nearly often enough miss!”

“I know how those nipples of yours are perking up, how eager the breath sounds in your throat, the little beads of sweat. How flushed you are, and that sweet pink pussy as well. Don’t think I don’t feel. Don’t think I don’t know what you need.”


“Let me rub that burning skin, those little goose prickles on the smooth flesh. Just like it was in Victorian times, so is it now, Little Miss Gothie! and like a governess of yore, I’m here to keep you in your place, to remind you what a filthy slut you are.”

“Yes miss.”

“What a filthy slut you are and what always happens to filthy sluts. Which is why they get…”


“…what they deserve! You little bitch! I see you squirm. You’d really like me to slide my hand under you and tease that little oyster of yours, wouldn’t you?”

“Sorry miss your knee is rubbing against me.”

“You think that would make it okay, for you to be such a bad girl? I’ll give you something to rub against!!”

Your finger miss!”

“Mmm, if I put my thumb inside that nasty sopping cunny of yours… yes, you’re so hot and nasty inside. Goddamn you, you never learn, do you?”


“The more I try and correct you the worst off you become. I see you’ve managed to squirm one of your own insubordinate little paws down to rub that little clitoris of yours. Is it not so?”

“Oh yes!”

“Oh yes it says! Hmm. And what else does the pert hussy need?”

Another smack please.”

“Oh, you’ll get another…”



“…smack you bitch! See how you like spilling my tea again!”


“My lovely faithful little lezzie Lainey.”

“May I have another?”


“Whore, you’re so impertinent!”

“And another?”

“That’s why I adore you.”


“Yes miss.”

“Oh, my hot little slut, my hot bottomed Elaine across my knee.”



“I give you what you need you degraded spanked twatty little whore!!”


“Hmm Yes, you belong to me, I’ve got you tethered. You need this more than anything you little slave for smacks!”

“I have so missed this miss.”

“Relax into me, little slut. Close your eyes and breathe. Miss is here.”

“Thank you miss.”

“Oh, “thank you mistress” . . . does that mean I can expect my saucer to be dry of tea from now on, hmm?”

I will try to please you anyway I can miss. But if not, I know you will punish me.”

“For I fear if I say, ‘if you spill it again, clumsy fool, I’ll have to give you more of this…’ Then I’ll just get more spilled tea, won’t I? Hmm. Time will tell, Maid Lainey, time will tell…”

“Wow I have so missed you!”


“Thank you!”

“I’ve missed you too.”

A wallflower I think you said once.”

“Likely. We’re a pair of wallflowers. Dripping wet wallflowers…”

I am your sad Gothgirl now.”

“Thank you too, Laineytoon.”

“Until next time miss.”

“Good night, sweetie.”

“Au revoir!”

“BBC Radio Four would like to apologise for the preceding broadcast.” The voice of the announcer stammered as if in complete shock. She continued. “The programme that should have been aired will now be on air next Sunday at five pm.”

Across the country people listening to the radio sat in complete shock. Sat at the tea table with forks half raised to their open mouths or cups poised at lips. In the case of one BBC Executive busy apologising to his guests, as he cleaned the table cloth with his napkin, after the unfortunate incident with a mouthful of tea.

Mind there were two people sat close together on a sofa in a quiet cottage laughing uncontrollably at what they had heard. Celia and Elaine had wanted to get revenge for the cancellation of their show for some time. What better way than to do it by switching a tape for one they made. It had all been so easy in the end. Many times they had discussed it, but it took a dose of courage (and two bottles of white wine) before they finally came up with the plan.

E xx



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