The Unexpected

IMG_2019I pull the curtains closed, it took the usual hard tug on the left one before it slid to meet its mate.

“Look, I know I have asked this before, but I really, really do want to make sure you want to go through with this.”

I said the words to my best friend Lainey who was stood by the door. She was stood in a black top and ripped jeans. It wouldn’t be her if she wasn’t wearing those, not that she always wore the same clothes though. She had a lot of t-shirts, all black of course, many from the various bands she listened to. Jeans, all black also, her wardrobe was stuffed with them.

She shrugs her shoulders and nods. She was also a girl of few words. A deep thinker who listened to everything before she made a comment. It took anyone who came into contact with her a while to warm to her and that was certainly true of vice versa. Lainey was the epitome of shyness, even when you got to know her she was still aloof at times.

It all began last Monday night, we had been to the local bar on the way home. Nothing unusual in that, it was something we did occasionally on our way back from college. She sat in the chair by my bed curled up as she usually was. It was incredible how she could almost fold herself into any space, sometimes she would sleep like that as well.

It certainly wasn’t because of alcohol that made her blurt it out as she had never drunk that I knew of. She was a water, or occasionally a fizzy orange, girl, the same with hot drinks, no tea or coffee, an occasional hot chocolate sometimes.

Guess I should have expected something a little left field when she started with, “Can I ask a question Em?” She always called me Em, never Emily like everyone else. I was chilled after a couple of ciders. “Yes,” I replied.

“I know this is going to sound a little weird, even for me.” She paused a moment waiting for me to put the boots down I had just spent five minutes taking off. “I want to ask if you would give me a spanking.”

I was just getting comfortable on my bed and then wham. As questions go it was definitely, and without any shadow of a doubt, the most unusual one ever. If I sat for a year I would never ever come up with one to beat it. It was one of those moments when you stop, and I mean stop, dead. Then I just laughed, not an out loud funny laugh, just a short nervous one. I must have thought about it for moment too long as I saw her shift nervously in the chair. In the end, all I could say was. “Why?”

It was her turn to think about a reply, and as expected her analytical mind considered all probabilities before she spoke.

“Well Em, I’ve had these thoughts about spanking for a while and I want to try it out. I’m not very gregarious as you know, so I need someone I can trust. I want to see what it’s like.”

There it was all laid bare awaiting my response. What do you say to your best friend when she asks a very personal favour of this type?

“Where has this spanking thing come from E? You are the last person I would ever imagine wanting to be spanked. I know nothing about it but I know enough to realise it could hurt.”

It was true, I had never had or wanted to have my bum, or any part of me smacked. The thought just never entered my head at any time. The subject of spanking or fetish stuff, it was one of things you heard about but that was it.

She did her usual shrug of her shoulders as she shifted yet again in the chair.

“Ah come on. It must have come from somewhere, it didn’t just pop up whilst I was taking my boots off.”

I sounded a little annoyed. I suppose it was the shrug that did it. She couldn’t just make a statement and expect it to be that simple. Another wait whilst miss thoughtful decided what to say.

“Okay keep your knickers on Em. I got into reading erotic stories a while back, you know the sort you read alone at night in bed. Well one day I read one that had spanking in it, I didn’t know it had any but it did and I enjoyed it. It sort of went from there really, you know how you get that tingle at times? Well I get it when I read those stories.”

Wow that was honest. She hadn’t finished though.

“Sorry you must think I’m a stupid Goth freak.”

“No, I don’t think that all E. It does take a little understanding though.” I replied trying to head off her possible feelings of stupidity.

I knew she was still a virgin, and because of her shyness she didn’t exactly stand out as someone you would want to get to know intimately. She had been on dates but they just seemed to fizzle out rather than that she was dumped. I suppose her Goth image might put a few off as well. Not that I was exactly miss popular with the boys, my dates didn’t last too long either. The longest was three months with Neil last year before I ended it. Well he wanted to spend more time with his mates than me. Lainey was always there to pick me up though.

“Look don’t say no just yet Em, please think about it and we can talk later in the week.”

I nodded with a smile. We said our goodbyes with a hug and she left to do some college work.

So, here we are on Friday afternoon in my bedroom. I am about to give my best friend a spanking, and as you might guess my parents are both at work. I finally said yes last night. We talked about it some more Wednesday and Thursday, she even showed me a couple of stories she read recently. It all came down in the end to the fact that I decided if it was what she wanted, then it was probably better that she did it the first time with someone she trusted. She said she had thought about asking someone at college to do it. I was positive that she wouldn’t have had the courage to go through with it. Though, with her weird way at times, she could quite easily have just walked up to anyone, on any given day, and asked them. Perhaps even in the middle of a class.

“So how would you want me to spank you?” I asked having made sure for the umpteenth time that she wanted to do this.

With a shrug of her shoulders she said. “I dunno, guess it’s probably best over your knee. If you sit on the bed and then we will have some room.”

She must have thought about it because she actually gave me an answer to the question. All I got most of the time was just a shrug. It had become an instant reflex with her now, ask a question and you got a shrug of the shoulders.

I sat in the middle of the bed. My blue and white striped duvet under my bum as I got myself comfy.

“Ok I’m ready if you are.”

E just stood and watched. Surely, she wasn’t having second thoughts now. After all she had said and the mental anguish she had put me through this week, it was likely that I would whack her anyway.

A minute or so later and I’m staring down at her back and bum, her black clothes parted in the middle with the pale flesh of her bare back. It seemed a little surreal as she put herself over my knee and wriggled a bit until she was comfortable. I could feel her weight on my thighs, not that she was heavy at all. She was a waif like creature who ate nothing it seems until you mentioned pizza. Then it was impossible to prise the box from her hands.

I suddenly wondered what the etiquette was for spanking someone. Do you say something to them before you actually whack them? Perhaps give them some warning of some kind? I was trying to remember the story E had shown me, but it was no use. All I could think about was the young woman getting the hairbrush on her bare bottom for a repeated offence of leaving the kitchen untidy.

“I’m ready Em.”

“Right, here goes. Please say if it is too hard or if you want me stop at any time.”

I saw her hair shake, which I presume was a nod of agreement, but could have been a shrug just as easily. I was glad we had spoken first, it stopped me having the conversation with myself about do or don’t I. Think it took the edge of my worries about what was about to happen next.


I just brought my right hand down and smacked it right in the middle of her jeans. I waited with my hand still poised for some reaction. There wasn’t any, not a murmur or wriggle at all. She just laid there still, awaiting the next one. So, I gave it to her.


Still no reaction. I had to ask.

“You ok E?”

“Yeah I’m fine. Though perhaps you could do it a bit harder.”

Harder, how much harder did she want it? I gave her another.

“That hard enough?” I asked unsure if it was any harder.

“Mmmm, it can be harder still if you want.

Number four was definitely harder. I could feel the sting on the palm of my hand as it connected on her jeans covered bum.

“Yeah, that was good.” I heard her say with a gleeful note.

It seems we had found a level. More of the same then and I proceeded to give another six like that before I enquired again if it was ok.

I soon lost count of how many I gave her. Forty, fifty perhaps a few more than that. Eventually I stopped as my wrist was starting to ache and my hand was getting hot, also it stung a bit.

“I think that is enough E. My hand is starting to hurt.”

She slid off my knee on to the floor. I saw the biggest grin ever on her slightly flushed face, but none the less it was beaming from ear to ear.

I got the biggest hug ever. It took me so much by surprise that I fell back on the bed, with her on top of me.

“Thanks E. That was so wonderful,” she said as she rolled off me on to the bed.

She jumped up a moment later and right in front of me pushed down her jeans and knickers. There was no modesty, just one minute they were up and the next they were down at her knees. All I saw for a moment was the naked flesh of her thighs and between her legs, as she strained to look over her shoulder at her bum. Then it was my turn to see her bum. She flipped around and stuck it out towards me. It was pink, well two maybe three shades of pink.

“Does it look alright?” She asked and jiggled it closer to me as she bent over a little further.

“Suppose,” I replied not sure if it did or didn’t with this being my first time I’d seen a spanked bare bum.

“Em, can I ask another favour?”

I dreaded what was about to come next. What we had just done was weird and I wasn’t sure if there was anything she could ask that would top that. It wasn’t really I suppose.

“Can you give me a few on my bare bum?”

I came to the conclusion it was perhaps better to get it over with. Sitting up, I was close to her as she stood next to my right leg.

“They can be as hard as the others Em,” she said before I even thought about how hard to whack her, now she was bent once more over my knee. This time though all I could see was her bare bottom, glowing slightly pink.

I gave her five good hard whacks with my right hand before I felt the ache return again. I could certainly feel the warmth of her cheeks when I connected. The bare flesh rippled I noticed as well.

“That’s it, all done.”

She looked back at me. I think I saw disappointment on it for a moment before she looked round at her bum again.

I got another hug, which she gave me still with her jeans down. It felt a little uncomfortable as we parted and I sat there watching her pull her black knickers in place. Her neatly trimmed black hair, yes black, the same shade as her head hair. Part of me wanted to ask, but part of me didn’t. I knew what the answer would be anyway. The answer was always, black is my favourite colour. Nothing more or nothing less.

E sat back in the chair. She went quiet again and I wondered what was going through head. Perhaps it was best that I didn’t know. I made myself some tea, and although I asked, she had nothing.  It was left at that. She eventually stood up, gave me her usual hug, said good night, and then disappeared.

Me, I was left wondering many things that night. One of which was, I wonder what it is like to be spanked.



















5 comments on “The Unexpected

  1. LoganTyler says:

    Wow Lainey. Great job!

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  2. laineytales says:

    Thank you Logan 🙃


  3. With the way it all started. That shaded curiositiness, I expect there is a lot more crazy coming towards you too than expected.


  4. HotBottoms says:

    You put this together very nicely. Really enjoyed the build.

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