Before The Party

Marie felt a tug upon her arm.

“You had better find a way to satisfy me before the end of the night, or I will spank your arse, then have you pleasure me. I won’t care if your mother is here or not.”

Emma saw the gulp as Marie stared back at her new lover. It had already been a long and tense afternoon. Emma wanted her do things, not she would not do those things, but in her own home whilst her mother was still there shocked her. All the while as she was dressing, those intense eyes ogling her body, making her conscious of her sexual feelings deep inside that she was suppressing. On another day, another place, she would have gladly been Emma’s plaything. It was all so new, so exciting and forbidden in her world until now.

Marie, still pinched herself, at how quickly it all happened. Four weeks ago, she had a boyfriend Steve. Three weeks ago, she a girlfriend Emma. In that week she had been seduced, spanked, fingered and fucked. Not all at the same time, but nearly.

It all began at the Art Exhibition. Steve had left her whilst he talked with some of the exhibitors and colleagues. Marie, wondered across to the drinks table, and straight into Emma. It was only a small stain, as her glass was almost empty. It was not a big deal, but her apologies made it seem like she ruined an expensive dress. It was hard not to notice how beautiful Emma was. Even her words, “I’m sure I can find a way for you to compensate me,” said with a small laugh, made her seem interesting. How little Marie realised what they would mean until later that night. It all happened behind the locked bathroom door. Marie standing, her back against the wall, reluctantly at first, whilst Emma pushed up skirt, her hand soon between her legs, ripping at her underwear, before touching her, rubbing her, fingering her, to orgasm. It left her immobilised for a while, all alone after Emma walked out with a big grin, until she regained her senses and tidied herself up. Minus her knickers which were nowhere to be seen.

The card had been in her pocket. It gave a name, a phone number, an address, tomorrows date and a time. Marie knew she should not go, but she did. The memory of her evening, whilst it should have repulsed her, did exactly the opposite. It was at the address, an apartment on the edge of town, that she got her first ever spanking. It hurt, badly, but she did not care when another orgasm ripped through her body.

By Wednesday she made excuses to Steve, just so that she could see Emma. The thought of more humiliation that ended with her begging for sexual release were too hard to ignore. The mixed voices in her head, one telling her how wrong it was, one telling it was so nice, had her confused. It was from between her legs that the loudest voice came, it made up their minds every time. Marie had no idea until that Wednesday how much pleasure a strap-on rubber dildo could give you. Also, much it hurt when stuffed inside your ass, before being fucked over and over until she was left paralysed with exhaustion.

Three weeks, in which they had become almost inseparable. Three weeks, in which Marie had learnt more about her body, another woman’s body and sex, than she had in the previous five years with Steve.

Now they were off to a party at some friends down the street. Marie had a tingle inside that said her night was about become very, very interesting. Emma stood looking down from the top of the stairs, as Marie’s mother descended looking resplendent in her little black dress. She just smiled.

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  1. LoganTyler says:

    Hmm.. I’m not liking Emma……….

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