Hi, and welcome to my restful Sunday.  I have three pieces of my mind for you today. Three, I hear you say. Well, yes, because they are all inter-connected. 

The poetry below was what started it all off. It’s called Party Girls and was written three or four years ago. It sat dormant in my file for a year, when inspiration popped along and I wrote a story to go along with it. The bit in the middle followed six months after that was finished, and has never been published before.


The noise, the heat and the humdrum.


Vodka and lime swirling round.

Secluded corner by the Mondrian,

Soon overrun with people.

Time to go?

Room by the stairs,

Darkness and cooler,

Sitting down cuddling the half full medicine glass,

Quiet for the first time,

Glimpse of light and a giggle,

Another giggle and shush.

Outline shadows on the wall,

Kisses and hot breaths,

Nibbles on the neck,

Hands on breasts,

The rustle of clothing.

Fingers caressing asses,

Dresses pushed up,

Black stockings revealed.

Tongues lick open thighs,

Fingers grab hair and push deeper,

And deeper – coming closer.

Squeal suppressed,

The kisses and thank you,

Glimmer of light and a click shut.

All at peace again,

Must have a word with my daughter,

And her college friend Emma.

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