Fourteen Firsts….

Today I  have some news!

On September 7th a new anthology of spanking stories — with the theme of “first times,” is to be published on Amazon. It is entitled Fourteen Firsts and I have a story that is part of the this wonderful publication.

It has been brilliantly put together by the well-known authors Anna Reilly, Stardawn Cabot and Claire Britain, edits by Stardawn. It features published authors and some brand new ones, like me. All proceeds will be donated to charities around the world.

Look out for the anthology launching September 7th.


Thank You For Your Cooperation Ellie Michaels

Ellie cursed her luck, in fact she cursed everything, as the car pulled slowly over to the kerb, then came to a sudden halt. It was about to rain heavily as well, the few spit spots of rain on her windscreen and the ominous black clouds told her that. She undid her seat belt and was about to press the phone button on her console to dial her parents, when the screen began flashing red. It made her pull her hand away in surprise, her heart jumped a beat. It jumped even more a moment later. Continue reading

The Gothic Fairy


There it was adorning the wall above the king size bed.

The bed that was much too big for the room. The poster arrived by special, special delivery on Friday morning. Your face lit up when you opened it. Surprise, but maybe it was shock that was written across your face. Anyway, it was soon hanging there like a guardian angel watching over its flock. Except this was a Gothic Fairy. Continue reading

An Unexpected and Interesting Afternoon


I wanted to say a big, big thank you for yesterday. It was a wonderful experience and you helped me through my nerves with your kind encouraging words and smiles. Apologies for me not saying much after and for talking too much before but I get like that when I’m nervous. See I even do it on text as well!

E xx

I re-read the text once again with a lump in my throat. How sweet of her I thought. Yesterday had been one of those days that you have to pinch yourself to remind it was real and it actually happened. Continue reading

Depression does not make you a monster

Sara in LaLaLand

Do you ever feel like as soon as you mention the word depression, the person you tell it to flees as if you’re a terrifying monster in an old school, low budget horror movie?

I only just noticed recently that this is the case. People tend not to know how to deal with me when I mention I’m feeling depressed and even when I explain to them that all I need is acknowledgment that it is apparent and just to go about their day as if it was any other day and not letting the fact I am in a depressive state go to the forefront of the day, then everything will be okay.

For some reason nobody I have asked to do this will do it. They take on my depressive state and I spend most of that day worrying and trying to make them feel better instead of…

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