Maura’s Secret

This is the first fan-fiction story I ever wrote. Now I have found it again, I think a follow up is in order.

All characters appearing in this are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. In addition, the author does not, in any way, profit from this story. All creative rights to the characters belong to their original creator(s).

“You two come here, get over the back of the sofa.”

The two turned from where they were looking at the powder blue kitchen wall, and with a smirk on their lips, walked across to the sofa. One of them tall with long wavy brunette hair, wearing grey pants that accentuated her long thin legs. The other, medium height with strawberry blonde hair, wearing a red mid-thigh dress which showed off her tan very well.

“Come on, I don’t have all day to wait for you two. I have a shift in thirty minutes.”

“Please ma, it was meant as a joke.” Interrupted the brunette holding her arms in a pleading gesture.

“Look Mrs Rizzoli, Jane is right, it wasn’t meant to be nasty.”

“You Maura, I am very disappointed with you, I thought you were better than this. Jane was always a disrespectful child and it seems hasn’t learnt her lesson even now. Get over or I will give you double after work.”

“Look Ma, let Maura go to the office and you can deal with me. It was my idea.”

Mrs Rizzoli paused a moment to think at what her daughter said, but was stopped as Maura spoke.

“Mrs Rizzoli, you know I won’t lie to you. It was my idea I swear, I roped Jane in to help.”

Jane shot her best friend and work colleague an eye blazing stare. “Don’t listen to her ma, it was me.”

“That is a lie Jane, everyone knows Maura does not lie. You’re getting two extra, now stopping wasting time, you have until five to get over the sofa. One…”

With a big huff Jane flopped over the sofa, not wanting to feel the wrath of her mother any more than necessary. Maura hesitated, before placing herself into position, her hands on the cushion, her belly on the back and her legs straight. Mrs Rizzoli smirked at the sight she had just witnessed.

The wooden eighteen inch paddle in hand, Angela positioned herself to the left of Maura, the red designer dress now tightened over her bottom. It had been a good few years since she had wielded it in anger, but today it was certainly deserved. How dare they poke fun at her relationship with the Lieutenant, he was a perfect gentleman and the picture they put on her door earlier was very undignified. Her face photo shopped onto a woman kneeling on a bed wearing only underwear and a pair of handcuffs. How would they like it if she did the same to them?

It might have been a while but she still knew how to use it. The five Maura got certainly got her attention, as from the first to the last, she was up on toes with each hard swat. Jane didn’t take her seven quite so well, each swat was followed with words to be let off or not so hard. It was soon all over, Jane in particularly was glad.

“Right up you get. I want the poster out of the house and shredded. I will see you both later.”

With that she was gone to her room and from there straight out of the door to work.

Jane stood up and with a pained expression on her face frantically rubbed her butt to ease the stinging pain. “Jesus that hurt.”

Maura stood up and said, “Oh my.” As she held her hands over her bottom.

“That is all you can say, oh my! You have just been paddled and you say that. Jesus is your backside made of steel.”

“Well I do work out, paying particular attention to my gluteus maximus, also I have more flesh than your skinny one.”

“Listen to yourself, for crying out loud. We have just been swatted like two high school kids and you’re quoting Latin.”

They were interrupted by the simultaneous ringing of their cell phones. With a grimace and a shake of her head Jane answered hers with a sharp tone. Maura answered hers with a ‘good morning Doctor Maura Isles’.


“Hi Mrs Rizzoli,” said Maura as she walked into her house. Angela was sat at the breakfast bar reading a magazine with a cup of coffee in her hand.

“Hi Maura.”

Placing her bags on the counter, she fished inside and withdrew a gift wrapped parcel. “I would like to apologise for my behaviour this morning.”

“Maura, there really is no need,” replied a bemused Angela.

“Please I insist. It is the least I could do after the appalling way I portrayed you on that poster. I fully deserved the paddling I got, I would hope that if I strayed from the straight and narrow again, you would do the same.”

Angela blushed as she thanked her. She was glad that she had Maura has a friend and sometimes wished Jane was more like her. The gift took a while to open as it was so beautifully wrapped that it seemed a shame to just rip it. Maura was also so thoughtful with gifts, handmade Belgian chocolates this time.

They hugged, Angela had tears in her eyes.

“Where is Jane?”

“Working late on today’s homicide. A teenage kid killed in an apparent hit and run. She could be very late and might go straight home. Why do you ask?”

“I wanted a word with you both about this morning that’s all, it can wait.”

“Well, I did want a word with you about this morning as well.”

A puzzled Angela picked up her coffee cup and poured a refill. “How do you mean Maura?”

“Just let me change, get a glass of wine and perhaps we can chat.”


Five minutes later, sat on the sofa. Angela not really sure what was about happen.

“I am not sure how to say this Angela, so I apologise in advance if it comes out wrong.”

“Hmmm, ok,” came the hesitant reply.

“That was the first time I have ever received a punishment like that Angela. I am now thirty nine years old and that was my first ever paddling, in fact my first spanking of any kind. This is the awkward bit I suppose, so please bear with me.”

Angela took a gulp of the coffee, wishing she had wine instead.

I have wanted to be paddled for a long time, in fact ever since my college days. That may seem weird, I was always the Grade A student who never got into trouble, whilst most of my friends got it either it at school, or at home, or both. Me, I got nothing as my parents weren’t even who they were supposed to be, and my surrogate parents were never around.”

Angela took a breath and smiled warmly at her friend, even if it did sound a bit weird at the moment.

“I have imagined being bent over a chair, a desk or even the breakfast bar getting a swatting many times Mrs Rizzoli. Today you made my day, truly and with many thanks.”

“I’m sorta stumped for words here Maura.”

“Sorry I know it sounds a little freaky, even to me it sounds freaky, but I cannot help how I am. I have seriously dreamt about bending over for the paddle, I have watched movies, just so I could see how it was done. I must say though it did hurt a bit more than I imagined.”

“Oh Maura, I guess with what happened in your life it has left you missing many things as you grew up, but believe me getting a paddling surely isn’t one of them.”

“But it is. I know it sounds a little kinky that anyone wants to feel pain. It was not just the pain I wanted I needed to feel a figure of authority telling me off, telling me to face the wall and telling me to bend over. I’ve been handcuffed in the bedroom by lovers and in real life. It was exhilarating and the adrenaline rush was incredible, but it never came anywhere near what happened this morning.”

Angela just stared at Maura over her empty coffee cup.

“Guess I have said too much,” Maura said suddenly sensing that Angela had gone quiet for a reason.

“Well it wasn’t what I expected I grant you that. I don’t think you’re a weirdo if that’s what you think. It does take a moment to sink in though.”

Maura rose and offered to get another drink. Angela opted for wine as this might need something strong than caffeine.

“Were you paddled as girl Mrs Rizzoli?”

“Not paddled, my mum blistered my butt with a hairbrush over her knee four or five times as a teenager.”

“Never at school then?”

“No, I was always too scared of the teachers. In my day, you got paddled outside in the corridor, where everyone one of your classmates could hear it.”

“Wow, I thought that only happened in movies and stories.”

“Believe me it happened. They got sent outside to wait and a few minutes later you heard three or more loud pops as the paddle did its job. Then the student had to walk back in, invariably rubbing their sore behind, and in some cases, mainly girls, tears as well.”

“Must have been a shock to witness your friends getting it, even if you couldn’t see it.”

“It was, that is why stayed out of trouble, well at school anyway.”

“So how come you have a paddle?”

“It sort of came with the territory when you have two boys and an elder daughter who acts like a boy. We tried the spanking but it got as though we needed to upgrade when Jane got to mid-teens. So, we bought the paddle.”

“That paddle is over twenty years old. Amazing and today is the first time since when?”

“I guess since Jane was what, maybe nineteen. Let me think, was she the last to get it, probably as she got it more than the Tommy and Frankie put together. It was a drink related incident if I recall.”

“I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Do you know she has done nothing but moan about her sore butt all day when we’ve been on our own?”

“Not surprised, she always did the same back then as well. Even if you threatened her with another she couldn’t just help her smart mouth, just like now,” Angela said with a laugh.

“There is just one more bit I wanted to say on this matter and I hope you don’t take offence at this.”

Taking a gulp of wine Angela wondered what else she could say that might shock her.

“These thoughts I had about spanking sometimes involved you. I’m sorry if that shocks you, it is something I wanted to say for a while, it’s just that the right time never came up until today.”

She was right, it is a shock to hear it, Angela just looked at her not sure what to say.

“Oh dear, I think I may have gone too far. Look Mrs Rizzoli I am so sorry.”

There was a nervous pause as Maura looked away.

“Did you do the poster prank just to get a spanking?” asked Angela rising to get a refill.

“No, not at all. That came about after a joke with Jane yesterday lunch when we saw you both arm in arm. Oh I see what you mean, did I engineer the spanking. No, I promise I didn’t, I wouldn’t get Jane in trouble for that sort of thing.”

“Sorry, I just had to ask.”

“I understand. I might have wanted you to punish me for something but they were just imaginary.”

“So, what sort of thing did you imagine?”

Maura suddenly realised what she had now unleashed. These were her deepest darkest secrets and now she had to explain them to someone she always saw as a mother figure.

“I suppose one of the first times was when you first stayed after leaving your husband. I came home late from a night out, forgetting you were here I made far too much noise. I woke you up at one am and I just laughed when I saw you in your night robe and curlers. Well, the next day when you were out I began to have ‘thoughts’ of what could have happened, namely me being put over your knee for drinking too much and coming home late. You spanked me first, then made me bend over my bed for the paddle.”

“I see. Now can I ask you a personal question?”

Maura looked at her a little apprehensively for she had an idea what might be coming next.”

“These ‘thoughts’ were they erotic?”

She was dead right and she blushed accordingly.

“I take it from your colour that they were. Please tell me Maura and I will know if it’s not the whole truth wont I?”

“Yes they were,” she said quickly taking a big sip of the white wine.

“How erotic?” Angela said without thinking.


“That’s it, just very?”

“Ok yes, I masturbated my vagina until I had an orgasm.”

Angela had asked and really should have known that Maura would give her the definitive answer.

“Give me your glass please Maura, you can go to your room and get ready for bed. I will be along in ten minutes so see that you are ready.”

Maura was the one now in shock as Angela held her hand for the half empty glass.

“It will take me longer than that Mrs Rizzoli. I take a shower before bed, then I put my night cream on and do some exercise,” she said in a matter of fact way.

Angela just nodded her head. “You have ten minutes and that is it to be sat on that bed waiting for me. What you do in that ten minutes is up to you. Now go.”

Maura hesitated a moment, before realising she was serious, rose to go to her room. She stopped in a fluster, handed over glass, before trotting off past the kitchen, wondering how and what she could do in ten minutes.

Angela took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She could not believe what she had just done. It was all this talk about spanking that had set her hormones going into overdrive. She had never thought about Maura this way at all. She might admit to thinking her attractive, and yes that time they cuddled on the sofa last Christmas made her feel warm and cosy for the first time in a while. Never to this extent, where she was about do god knows what in ten minutes time.

This morning she had been so angry when she saw the poster they had slipped under her door whilst she slept. Until just now she had not thought about Maura’s bottom bent over in that tight red dress as she walloped it five times. Now she could see it as the paddle swatted it over and over again. Her emotions about what had happened tonight and what would she was going to do to Maura now filled her head. She took the final gulp of wine from both glasses and went to the kitchen.

Angela wasn’t really sure what time she had sent Maura, it was a guess when she walked along to the room. She stopped, flicked her hair, adjusted her clothing, before entering the room without knocking. Maura was sat on the bed in a white flora pattern nightdress, probably from an expensive boutique, with her hair left loose over her shoulder. She looked up sheepishly at Angela who closed the door.

“Up you get, so I can sit down please.”

They sort of exchanged places. Angela sat upright looking at Maura who still looked sheepish. The ten or so minutes stood alone in the kitchen had focused her mind into a plan, well of sorts anyway.

“Pull up your nightdress please Maura.”

Maura too had ten minutes with which to get her mind around what was about to happen. In the past, she had imagined scenarios similar but now it was reality. This time she wasn’t in control of her destiny. She slowly pulled it up from her knees, until it hung just covering her modesty.

“All the way to the waist so I can see your bare butt.”

Maura blushed for the umpteenth time today, she drew it up until she held it around her waist. Her modesty was now well and truly uncovered. Angela could not help but notice the shaven mound and wondered if she used a razor, wax or cream.

“Right young miss, I will not have that disgusting filthy language in my presence ever again. Now get over my lap and let us see if we can teach you a lesson or two.”

Maura had thought about this so many times and just like this morning could not believe it was about happen. This situation was for porn movies or naughty dreams, not real life on a Tuesday night in Boston.

She felt her bare thighs slide across the black cotton pants of her chastiser. Her chastiser, that just happened to be best friend’s mother, whom she had known for what seemed forever. Yet here she was adjusting her position as her hips rested on her right thigh about to get a hand spanking for the first time ever in her life. The adrenaline was back, she felt her pubic bone push against the material, she parted her thighs a little to help it touch a little more.

Angela just sat for a moment staring at the slightly marked bare bum, mind not as marked as it will be in a few minutes when it would be pink and then red. It might have been many, many years since she had been in this position but she knew exactly what to do. She took hold of Maura’s waist and raised her right arm. She took one look at Maura staring down at the cream carpet one side and her butt sticking up at the other, before delivering a really good old fashioned smack with all the might she could deliver.

Maura squealed in shock at how hard it was. She did not have time to react before another caught on the other cheek. She looked over her shoulder at Angela, who saw her and just smiled at her. Then she got number three followed very soon by a whole lot more. One cheek and then the next got it as Angela continued to chastise her daughter’s best friend without any let up. This was not how it was in her imaginary spankings, there she got a sore bum, stood up and said sorry before being sent to bed. Now she was feeling the burning sting of every smack on her bum that had been paddled earlier today. She was also feeling herself being pushed against the thigh, which gave her yet another sensation, one she had thought about before.

Finally it was over. Angela’s hand was beginning to get a little sore so she stopped.

“All done Maura. I hope this has taught you a lesson. Believe me the next time I catch you using vulgar language I will wash your mouth out and then spank your behind even harder,” she said to the deep breathing woman laying prone over knee. She looked at the red butt for a moment before tentatively placing hand on it. It was more than a little warm as she rubbed it gently for few moments, before she gave it another little tap.

“Up you get.” Helping Maura up off her lap so she was standing in front of her. Her night dress still tucked up at her waist. “Let’s turn around and see what colour it is.”

Shuffling round to face her dresser Maura caught a glance of the red cheeks before they disappeared from her view.

“Got anything to say Maura.”

Maura knew this bit, this she had done in her imagination. The bit where she apologised for her bad behaviour, only this time it was for real.

“I am so sorry Mrs Rizzoli, I was very naughty, so thank you for punishing me. I promise I will try for it not happen again.”

“Thank you and I hope that I do not have cause to put you in this position again.”

They looked at each other for moment before Angela’s eyes caught the view in the mirror. She took Maura’s hand and guided her to sit on her knee, just as she had so many times with Jane all those years ago. She stroked her hair as Maura put her head on her shoulder. They both gave a little smile to each other as they sat in a warm embrace without needing words to say what they were feeling.

Maura realised she had finally found her mother figure, who if necessary would deal with her as she had always wanted to be for all these years.

Angela had found a new feeling inside which she couldn’t yet explain, but she did know it felt very good and certainly wanted to feel it again, definitely sometime soon.

Maura was eventually tucked into bed, with a warning to be good and a goodnight kiss on her forehead, before the light was turned out. It was only seven thirty in the evening but they both knew it was time to sleep.

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