Of course I’m fucking jealous!
6.00am Wednesday; Emotion.
Perhaps not good before breakfast.

A dream curtailed,
No shadows or reflections here.
Winter sunshine through chintz curtains,
And the writings on the wall.

One plus one plus one,
Everyone has a theory for it,
My answer is two plus one,
Not playing kissy in the rear view.

The mysterious girl,
With mysterious mesmerising words,
Naughty and filthy and passionate,
Came into my roller coaster, car crash world,
Late one Saturday night.
Stayed through traumatic hopes and dreams.

Thank you for the kisses,
Thank you for the fun,
And warm feeling in both cheeks,
Courtesy of the scullery maid.

Thank you for the encouragement,
I will always be grateful,
But no more trysts over afternoon tea,
It’s time to drink alone.

May your ‘Inbox’ now be filled with words,
Like ‘Lover’ and ‘Just’.
May your sheets be always dirty,
With labour of your lust.

Hope your dreams last forever,
Mine most certainly will,
But no more naughty chats,
It’s time to talk to wallflowers.

Ciao. Thanks for being you.

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