Talk Before Bedtime


It was hard to know who had the more miserable face, the bus driver or me. He was probably still half a sleep, cursing having to do the early shift. Me, I was miserable because I had to run to get the bus, then showing the bus pass, I saw the seats I would have to sit on for the next thirty minutes.

The morning had started off so well.

Woke feeling bright eyed and busy tailed (whatever than means), rearing to go. Then I opened my mouth. I just could not help it. The sticking out of my tongue and ‘you don’t scare me now it’s light Megan’ probably didn’t help either. All because she said I was a tease when I nibbled her neck and then ran off for a shower. Perhaps there were a couple of other things as well.

I thought I’d gotten away with it. All dressed ready for another day at work, about to go out the door, when Megan came down the staircase. Having already kissed her goodbye whilst still in bed, I just assumed it was to get a coffee. She liked coffee, if there was a contest then she would win hands down. Nope, she never said a word, just took my arm, bent me over, and whacked me. It was not just one either. I got my full complement, despite my protests that I would miss my bus. My full complement, accordingly to the law of she who must be obeyed, was thirty. We hugged and said our goodbyes, again. Along with, ‘we will be having a little talk before bedtime.’ I just closed the door and ran to the bus stop, my bum extra warm. Just what you need on a hot summer day.

Just my luck that it was the plastic bucket seats this morning, rather than the soft fabric ones. Great, what a way to start the day, and with a promise that things might get worse before I went to sleep later.

At least I did not have to sit all day. Not that my bum hurt from the spanking. No, I was conscious of it, and what I would get later, whilst staring at the computer screen.

Home before five was good. Early finish, for no particular reason than I had finished my work I needed to do. She was just home before me. The incident from the morning was not mentioned, and I had no intention of doing so either. Mainly in the hope she would forget when we finally retire upstairs. When we final retire upstairs – the words rung in my ear about five minutes after I had put the dishwasher on having finished supper. I stared at her in disbelief, well who would not at hearing her words. “Right lady, upstairs, get ready for bed and then we can have that little talk I mentioned earlier.”

It took her to step forward before I turned and walked through to the hall. I knew if I stared her out I would get a sore bottom for disobedience, before I got a sore bottom for the mornings misbehaviour.

The time was six forty-three by the alarm clock I noticed whilst I waited for Megan to join me in our bedroom. Siting there in my nightwear of black t-shirt and black shorts at this hour made me shake my head in disbelief. Over the last year since we moved in together we had a few of these ‘talks’ before bedtime, but never this early, and never having had a spanking in the morning. Not one that I had not asked for anyway. The clump, clump of her feet on the stairs told it was time.

No messing – “Up you get.” She sat down where I had been and pulled down the shorts. It made her giggle at least.

“What?” I asked shrugging my shoulders, trying not to smirk.

“Lainey, how many pairs have you got on?” She asked laughing, trying to count each one with her fingers tugging at the edges.”

“Dunno, seven, maybe eight.” I actually had on nine. It would have been more but it was getting difficult to pull them over each other by the ninth.

I got a swat. “Get in the corner, get them all off whilst you think about your continued poor behaviour.”

Suppose now was not the time to stick out my tongue and make a run for the landing. No, I just shuffled into the corner. It was harder to get them off than it was to get them on. Eventually I was left with a pile of underwear pooled around my ankles, six black pairs, one red, one white with black hearts and one purple and black.

Five minutes I stood in the corner, nose to the wall, arms by my side. She just sat there. Watching me I think, well I dare not turn my head in case I was caught. Not allowed to move, on the pain of extras, and she always made good on her promise, just ask my bum!

The knickers all neatly put back in the drawer I was back standing by her knee. Not for long though. Over I went with her help, strapped in by her arm across my waist, and her spare hand lightly stroking my bum.

“Now lady, why are we here?” she asked. It was tempting to say, ‘I have no idea, you bloody said we were having a talk before bed for some reason or other.’ But I thought better of it.

“I was being a tease and rude this morning.”


“I knew it was not the right time for you, and still I went ahead.” I added, “I’m sorry Megan.”

“Thank you, Lainey.” She said before gently stroking down my back with her fingers until she reached my bottom and stopped.

It was not hard to realise what was coming next. I had been here too many times not to.

The first few smacks were gentle, just enough to give me a taste of what I would be getting for the next few minutes. She was not one of these who alternated between each cheek, oh no, she gave a good few on the right, then some on the left. I did try counting once to see if there was a pattern – say ten smacks to each, but no, I counted eight to my right and six to my left. Then I lost count altogether as they got harder and my concentration went on to how stinging hot my bottom had gotten. It was not long before I felt that feeling again.

Tears had started almost immediately. Not that she made it hurt any more than normal, no I always cried from the start, guess I am just made that way.

I definitely got more than my complement of smacks this time before she let me up. We hugged, briefly before she escorted me to the corner. “Five minutes,” she said.

It did not seem long before Megan was back and putting me to bed. I got the biggest hug, a comforting rub on my bottom as she pulled up my shorts, and a kiss goodnight.

The following morning, I awoke feeling wonderful and even more bright eyed and bushy tailed than yesterday. I practically bounced down the road to the bus stop. Guess what? The driver was all smiles and seats on the bus were the soft ones, wouldn’t you just know it. I had thirty minutes thinking time, to see if I could come with up some ideas of how to get Megan to give me another early night!


6 comments on “Talk Before Bedtime

  1. Arden Thomas says:

    Lainey is so cheeky and rude, she deserved a good spanking.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. naughtynora says:

    Sounds like a lesson learned!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ellie says:

    This was so cute, Lainey. I will most certainly note down your trick with the 9 pairs of shorts. Brilliant. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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