Thank You


My car crash of a life; literally.
It’s pitch black inside.
I see nothing inside,
And I am jelly inside.

Take what is left of my world,
Faith has left me blind,
Another fading dream light,
Anything but this darkness.

Where there is light, there is hope.
The light in my head shines bright,
Well today there is,
And the light is a refraction.

I did it; no sticks,
With a run and a jump,
In a corridor without shadows.
I kissed a girl and I liked it.

Not sure where to start,
Wanna let you in,
These walls of desolation,
But I know it’s a sin.

And you smile with those eyes,
And you curse me with those eyes,
And you kiss me with ruby red lips.

So this me; smile ear to ear.
Ruby red lipstick on my cheek,
Hand in hand,
Beneath the silk and the lace.

Lost and it’s you I’m needing.
I left you all the clues,
No words nearly enough,
Yet fallen on deaf ears.

I hope that you smile,
With this poem of my life.
Wanted just to say sorry,
And thank you for being you.

E xx


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