The Chief Tea Maker



Such a lovely surprise

To be greeted warmly

With a ping

A Morning Review

After the long, hard day

As I fell through the door

Words of wonderment

On the broken screen

Phone busted again

Thrown against the floor

Not anger management this time

A game of tick-a-nick

Children aren’t we Amy!

All that talk about rain

Bubbles, and punks rotting

Bums and Tits

Appeared far too much

For a sweet and innocent

But oh,

My Mary mother of…


You spilt the tea

The Chief Tea Maker

Off with her head!

Came the cry

Amongst all those B’s and T’s

No cup of tea

And no mug either!

Well all this made me

Hmmm.. Thirsty

I’m off for a sip of “Rosie Lee”

In the kitchen I believe she waits

Hot and steaming

Just boiling nicely

2 comments on “The Chief Tea Maker

  1. LoganTyler says:

    Anger management huh? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. laineytales says:

    Poetic license I think they call it…lol


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