The Missing Mug


“And find that damn missing mug.”

“Sorry I stole the mug mistress.”

“The hell! Where’d that damn mug go?”

“I sold it down the market for a good time!”

“I’m gonna make a plaster cast of your tits for a good time . . . And then maybe sink them in concrete.”

“Is that erotic art mistress?”

“No, that’s me drinking from my new tittie mugs. While you starve with your tits stuck to a block of concrete, you thief!”

“How can I please you mistress in way of forgiveness? I am so sorry, it meant something to you?”

“Better hit eBay and craigslist. I want my mug back!! Sell your body if you have to! I must have that mug!!!”

“You own my body… And soul… And my cunt…”

“But no mug NO MUG!!!!”

“You drink from my cunt mistress, would that do? Even in Starbuck’s if you wished.”

“Not unless it’s shooting ginger ale, I won’t! And don’t think I don’t know the difference! Yes, that’s a dilemma for you!”

“I have something you can nibble on? I taste of garlic and chillies today….”

“The caloric value is debatable…”

“Found your mug mistress…”

“Great. All I need now is a 3D printer!!!”

“Hahhahahaha Stop it I’m weeing myself…”

“It’s not the quarter of the hour yet, baby! You’ve got 5 mins before you’re scheduled for another wee.”

“Oh yeah sorry I’ll put my finger there to stop it.”

“That’ll help…”

“Oh, yeah that helps…”

“I bet it does!”

“Now where shall i put the other finger?”

“Can u open an umbrella with one finger?”

“I can do anything with one finger… But i’m better with two… Anyway i’m wet and tingly.”

“Ok, make me a club sandwich!”

“Mmmm i’m hungry for something else..”

“Pfth! I thought you already had it!”

“Hmmm being greedy today!! Might need desert as well…”

“Oh, are you?”

“I’m off to think about other things…”

“Well if that’s the case, then I’m off to make coffee. Coffee but ain’t got a mug!!” I’ve got a cup at least.”

“A love cup…”

“I’d have to share that, and I’m not sharing!”

E xx

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