An Unexpected and Interesting Afternoon


I wanted to say a big, big thank you for yesterday. It was a wonderful experience and you helped me through my nerves with your kind encouraging words and smiles. Apologies for me not saying much after and for talking too much before but I get like that when I’m nervous. See I even do it on text as well!

E xx

I re-read the text once again with a lump in my throat. How sweet of her I thought. Yesterday had been one of those days that you have to pinch yourself to remind it was real and it actually happened.

It all began a couple of days before when I heard my phone tell me there was voicemail. As always I never answered my phone and the message I had left told people I would ring them back shortly. You see I don’t have a conventional job like you – I offer to the discerning adult spanking personal services. So I give it five minutes or so, unless I’m with a client of course. This message was different though. It was from a woman and she stuttered her number and a very quiet “could I call back”. Intrigued I called straight back.

“Hi, I’m Claire, you left a message.”

“Hi, eh, yes I did.”

“May I help you with something.” I was very guarded as women don’t call very often and I wondered if it was a wife or girlfriend checking up on what their spouses were doing.

“Eh, yes I, eh, what I mean to say is, eh, I saw your advert and I, eh, wondered if you cater for woman.” The words were stuttered quietly. Truth be known it was no different to men on their first call, just slightly different words.

“Yes I do. Is that for giving or receiving?”


“Do you want to be spanked or do you want to spank me?”

“Eh, yes sorry, be spanked.”

“Yes I do. I offer thirty minute and one hour sessions. I provide all the implements and equipment in my own studio. I can role-play if you wish and I have clothes to suit most scenarios.” It was my well drilled sales pitch, most of which the potential client had already seen on my webpage.

“Okay. Eh, Look I’ve never done anything like this before and I, eh, don’t know what is best.” She really was a novice at this.

“May I ask your name?” I asked softly trying to make her a little more comfortable. There was no immediate reply so I guess it didn’t.

“Ok. I would recommend the thirty minute session for your first time. I have some free tomorrow afternoon if that would be acceptable.” I did have all day free tomorrow but I didn’t want it to sound like I had no clients. It was August and many were off on their summer holidays or busy at home looking after the kids.

“I will text you a list of times I have available and some other details. If you wish to reserve a time just send a reply and then I can send my address.” Still there was silence. I wondered if she had hung up, some men did.

“Hello, are you still there?”

“Yes sorry, I got distracted a moment. Yes thank you goodbye.”

With that she was gone. I never really got an answer but I decided to send the text anyway, I had nothing to lose if she never replied.

3.30 please.

That was all the reply said. I sent her my details and wondered if in the cold light of day she would get next day nerves and not turn up. I found most men would ring me when they were feeling a little naughty, been watching a video or reading an erotic tale. The adrenaline rush would kick in and inhibitions would be lost for a short while but when it actually came to the moment some would not be able to go through with it.

I opened the door and was greeted by a medium height lady wearing sunglass and a black scarf.

“Hi, I’m Claire, please come in.” I said warmly trying as I always did to make a pleasant impression. After all I did want them to, firstly stay, and secondly come back again. I offered to take her coat and bag. She took off the scarf and sunglasses first. I was surprised she had seen anything in those sunglasses as my hall was quite dark, even on a bright summer day.

“You’re Ellie Taylor.” I squawked out rather too loudly. “Gosh, I’ve seen you on the telly.” She gave me a small awkward smile and handed me her coat and other things as I tried to remember what it was called.

“Wow. It’s not every day that I get a celebrity here.” I must have sounded like a teen who had just met her pop idol and I suddenly realised it. I took a deep breath and composed myself with the words ‘I must be professional’ thumping in my head.

“My apologies Ellie please go through to the lounge and take a seat.”

She sat on the edge of the chair nearest to the door. She clasped her hands together and then just as quickly moved them apart. I relaxed onto the sofa and I saw her nervously twiddle her finger once more. So far she had not said a word. She was just as attractive in real life as on the television. Her blonde hair, slim build and pretty face certainly made me stare for a moment. Not that I’m particularly that way inclined these days but I did have a slight naughty thought pop into my head for a mere second or two.

“Look I remember you said this was your first time. If you wish we can talk about it or alternatively we can just keep it professional and get down to business. The choice is yours.” A quick cough and then another but still no words.

“Perhaps I can get you a glass of water?”

She nodded affirmatively with the same awkward smile as earlier.

“There you go Ellie.” I said upon return for the kitchen with a glass of chilled water. Taking a quick sip she cleared her throat daintily and then took another.

“Thank you.” The glass was placed on the table at her left hand side. “I am sorry but as you guessed I am very, very nervous. In fact I can feel my left leg shaking,” she said with a nervous small laugh.

“Not to worry Ellie, we can wait until you’re ready. I don’t have any other visitors popping by today.”

There was a momentary pause before she spoke.

“Guess you must be wondering why I’m here. Guess I am too if the truth be told.”

Her voice for the first time sounded like it did on the television. It was clear, well spoken, if still a little quiet.

“People, well men, come here for many reasons. Some come to get their bottoms smacked and others like to smack bottoms. Some want to feel pain but most just want to get a thrill from whatever it is they have come for, either through role-play or a certain fantasy they have had. We are all different Ellie.”

“Yes I suppose. I noticed you have said men, have you ever spanked a woman before?”

“Certainly. It has been a while, but I used to have an irregular client a few years ago who like you was in her twenties.”

I waited for another question but it seems her tongue had dried up again as she took another drink.

“Back to your original question. Yes I suppose I am very curious as to why you are here. You’re a successful TV star who must have a boyfriend, surely they would happily smack your bottom.”

“See that is the problem. Yes I have a current boyfriend, and yes I was married once upon a time. Neither of them though want or wanted to do it despite my dropping hints.”

“Why not just ask outright?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “It would never feel right if I did. I want to but all I keep thinking about is they would think me stupid, kinky or worse a slut. Also I am very paranoid about them leaking things to the press. You’ve seen all the stories about photographs and videos of TV and film stars having private pictures put on the internet. Not that I have any compromising pictures of me anywhere. Least I don’t think I have. Anyway, I so want to get some experience, perhaps then I might persuade by boyfriend to do it for me. Does that sound silly?”

Wow that was forthright. She had suddenly popped out of the shy shell alright. I did have a question and mulled it over for brief moment as to whether I should ask it. I realised I answered my own question early when I asked Ellie why not just ask outright.

“So you thought a complete stranger, whom you don’t know in anyway, would be discreet?”

“Yes I did. It say so on your webpage.”

“That is very trusting of you, especially as you say you’re paranoid about the press.”

Her face did that puzzled look you see when someone suddenly realises that they are confused momentarily.

“Well I suppose I thought that a woman would understand what we go through in the press. All those intrusive pictures and questions.”

“I can promise you Ellie that I am totally discreet. I have been doing this for six years now and I do have men who come back time and again. So I like to think I am someone to trust. There is also the fact that most probably gave me a false name and any details they say are probably fabricated as part of their fantasies.”

She smiled, this time it was a little warmer.

“Are there any other questions or anything at all you may want to ask?”

“No, not at the moment.”

“Have you ever been dominated by a woman?” I asked her wanting to understand a little more about why she picked me. “Or are you strictly heterosexual?”

“Gosh no, I am definitely hetro.”

“Ok, any domination at all?”

“After I finished university I dated a few boys who were ‘working class’ shall we say. I did enjoy them being a little dirtier than most I had been with before. I found I got turned on by them being domineering in the bedroom, well not just the bedroom, anywhere really, even outdoors.”

“And the spanking thing, where did that come from?”

“Too many lonely nights in bed or hotel rooms. I started reading erotic tales and I found the spanking ones turned me on the most. It just progressed from there really.”

She was now far more relaxed and spoke quite open about things. I think it was now time for her first experience of corporal punishment.

“So, if you’re ready Ellie shall we begin?” She nodded in reply as she twiddled her fingers once again in nervous anticipation. “Ok. I have a few things I need to ask first.”


“First. How hard do you want to be spanked? You know, hard or medium or a mixture of both.”

“Eh, I suppose medium to begin with.”

“Second. Where do you want to be spanked? Over my knee or a table or the arm of the chair.”

“Gosh I hadn’t thought about it being other than over the knee. Eh, yes, I guess that will do, over the knee.”

“Third. Do you wish to have it over your skirt, knickers or on the bare bottom?”

She just started at me. It felt like I had suddenly asked completely the wrong question. There was an incredibly long pause where I dare not say anything.

“Another one I hadn’t thought about. Silly I know but it never crossed my mind. Gosh, I’ve discounted bare because that would be rude, so it’s between panties or skirt. Eh, I think skirt. No, no let’s do knickers,” she eventually said and sat with an open mouth gesture.

“That’s all the questions. I must advise you though it will hurt, and I will stop if you feel it is too much. I will only stop when you say the safe word. We have these words because in certain scenarios people do like to say ‘please stop’ as part of it. The safe word for you will be ‘fluffy.”

Yes I know it was silly but it just popped into my head. It made Ellie laugh though and probably helped ease tension at this point.

I stood up and fetched the high back chair from the corner of the room. It had taken me a while to find the right chair for the job, I had gone through five before I found this at a car boot sale. It was comfy to sit on, not too high or too low and had a bar between the front and back legs for the clients to hold on to if they wished, and many did.

“Do you have a fantasy or role-play that you wish to enact as part of the experience?”

Sitting on the chair I waited for her reply. I think I already knew the answer but there was always a possibility I was wrong.

“No. I guess I didn’t do the thinking thing properly about this.”

“No, don’t think anything is wrong. Some people do and some don’t. I like to ask as I want you to enjoy it as much as possible. Believe me when I say I do enjoy you enjoying yourself.”

“Thanks. What do you want me to do now?”

“I want you to stand and come here, if you’re ready that is.”

She slowly stood, smoothed down her deep red skirt and pushed back the hair from her shoulder. It was nerves time again, the suddenly realisation that this was going to happen. She stood to the right hand side of my leg as I looked at her, noticing her biting her lower lip, her left hand clenched twice quickly and her left leg wobbled, well it twitched I guess.

“One last thing. I know this will not apply to you but I do have to say it. There is to be no sexual contact what so ever between us. If for any reason there is I will stop immediately and end the session.”

She nodded as she looked at the floor.

“Right Ellie, if you want to place yourself over my lap and make yourself comfortable.”

She did just that and with a couple of adjustments I felt her weight on me thighs. It was somewhat different from when men lay here. The weight for a start, the gentle aroma of her perfume for another, and finally the view.

“Now I’m going to raise your skirt if that is ok.”

Folding back the plain red skirt onto her back I was greeted with a view of her white knickers. They were nothing special, plain bikini ones with a scalloped trim. I suppose it was hard not stare at the bottom laying there inches below but I must say that it was a pleasure to do so. After all the small or large hairy ones this was beautiful in comparison. I could understand now why men would make comments about it.

“Right we shall begin Ellie. Don’t forget, any problems just say the word and we will stop.”

With a twist of her head to look at me she nodded.

It soon turned pink as I smacked one cheek and then the other. It didn’t take many more before it became a deeper shade either. She made no sound and only the occasional wiggle when I caught her a bit harder. So far I had not been smacking her much above light and leaving a little pause between each one. I wanted her to get used to them, to feel the warm glow grow inside her cheeks and enjoy it. Her first time, in fact any ones first time, should be an enjoyable experience that leaves you exhilarated. I watched her reactions in between the smacks, but there was none really, she just looked down at the floor. What was going through her mind, I thought. What deep, possibly dirty, thing was she thinking about?

All bottoms are different, not only in size, but in the way they colour up. Ellie had one that soon started to turn red. It wasn’t through me hitting her too hard or too often, it just happened that way, I suppose there is a scientific explanation but it wasn’t something I was going to Google at that exact minute. No, I was enjoying myself too much, and I hoped Ellie was as well.

“Everything ok Ellie?”

There was just a nod of her head, no other emotion or indeed motion from her.

“Fine, now I’m going to smack harder, again please say the word if it is too much.”

With that I gave her a good whack to the right cheek. That certainly got a reaction, a definite wriggle of her hips. There were a good few more wriggles and they were joined by a few shoulder ones as well, as she moved her head from side to side. I made sure she knew what a whacked bottom was going to feel like.

I must say that I hadn’t really noticed how animated one becomes as the spanking goes on. I was almost mesmerised as her body jiggled in many different ways, and in many different directions.

Finally I got an “ouch” from her. There had been a couple of audible sharp intakes from down by my left knee with the last few smacks but now she had felt the harder whack on the bottom part of the left cheek. Will she say the word before I finished? It was going to be touch and go.

“Now just before I finish I am going to give you twelve real stingers if that is alright Ellie.”

“Okay,” was her reply, a little bit quiet and stuttering as if she was almost in tears.


She would remember these last twelve as I covered all over her now deep red bottom cheeks. A full minute or so it took to deliver them, each one delivered after a count of five. To her credit, despite either an “ouch” or an audible breath, she did not stop me with the word. There was much wriggling of her hips, head and now legs but she stoically hung on right until the end.

“All done.” I said with gleeful tone, hoping to lighten the tension she was perhaps feeling at this moment in time.

I left her dangling over my knee until she had a bit of composure back. The wriggling had all but stopped but I could feel, and hear, her deep breathing on my legs.

It was a minute before she looked up at me. There was no smile on her face, but no grimace either. It just looked a little worn out, a bit like someone who had just run a race. Silly I know but that is what I thought. She pushed herself up and stood a brief moment before she put her hands to bottom. Her face was now a picture, the many contortions that only a naughty girl who suddenly realised how tender and hot her bottom was could make. I just sat there in silence watching her daintily touch it at first, then rub it slowly, followed by a few hard rubs. Lastly she looked over her left shoulder to see what it looked like.

“Gosh, that’s a bit red.”

I smiled at her choice of words as she finally lowered her skirt. I so wanted to laugh but it would not have been professional.

“There is a bathroom to the left in the hall if you need it.”

She shook her head to say no and gingerly turned to walk towards the table where she had left her water. She took a sip before moving to the hall door.

“You did very well for your first time. I hope the experience was up to your expectations,” I said after helping her put on her jacket.

“Yes I think, eh, I’m not sure what to say now, so I will just say thank you.”

It was an odd phrase but then I didn’t know what was going through her head at that moment in time. Ellie donned her sunglasses as I opened the door for her to leave.

I watched her walk down the street until she disappeared from view. It had certainly been an unexpected and interesting afternoon.

12 comments on “An Unexpected and Interesting Afternoon

  1. LoganTyler says:

    I absolutely loved this, must be a dream job for those of us afflicted with IPS as often as I am. 😉 Great job, Lainey!

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  2. LoganTyler says:

    *raises my hand in the air frantically* Ms. Tales… when can we expect another story from you? Asking for a friend of mine. 😇

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  3. HotBottoms says:

    Enjoyed it! Really thought the knickers would come down though. Claire has much more restraint than I…

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  4. laineytales says:

    Glad you enjoyed it. Maybe next they will come down….😉


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