The Gothic Fairy


There it was adorning the wall above the king size bed.

The bed that was much too big for the room. The poster arrived by special, special delivery on Friday morning. Your face lit up when you opened it. Surprise, but maybe it was shock that was written across your face. Anyway, it was soon hanging there like a guardian angel watching over its flock. Except this was a Gothic Fairy.

Now they have magic powers, some good, and some bad. Mind the good ones hardly ever see the light of day.

You would never know it but the Gothic Fairy watches your every move. Even when you’re asleep she can see everything that goes on in that darkened room. You think that you’re all alone tucked under those bed covers dreaming but she can see it all. Right from the moment you retire to your chamber to be all alone away from the prying eyes. How quickly you undress to get a hot shower. Yet sometimes it’s much slower. The peeling off of your shirt and skirt are always the same whether quick or slow. It is then that those powers sometimes take over. Standing there in your under garments, the varieties of colours and occasionally the top matches the bottom. The naughty fairy likes black and those magic powers become even more special when she sees the lacy black panties and bra.

Your urge to caress those breasts as you stand in the middle of the room is overwhelming. Your fingers move slowly as you run them over the covered hardening points. A few moments of gentle touching before the need to, want to, pinch the ever sensitive naked flesh. Those 34C breasts released. The straining nipples rock hard as they are rubbed by your finger and thumb. The fairy knows it feels good but she, like you, also knows you want more. Off come the black lace panties. They are skimmed down in a single movement and left to lie abandoned on the carpet. Your need to touch the now is more urgent than the need to be tidy. The neatly trimmed dark hair soon feels those inquisitive fingers running through them. The lips parting as you caress them gently.

And then it all stops. The naughty, teasing fairy has other plans for you tonight. Without knowing the reason why you suddenly have the need to tidy your discarded clothes and take a hot shower.

Back in the darkened bedroom and back under the ever watchful eye. Naked but smelling fresh as the morning dew. White bed panties and an old shirt are quickly slipped on and into bed. Mind it’s not sleepy time yet. It’s fun time, courtesy of your Gothic Fairy. All comfortable with the pillows propped up and laptop open you settle down to an evening of entertainment. Yes, that evening of doing what you please. There is however only one problem. An ever presence in your room carefully overseeing your every move. She knows what you really want and she knows that you will get it. All those times when you’ve opened a web page and you wonder why you did it. Well it was the Gothic Fairy. She controls those thoughts once your in her vision. A simple conversation about the weather or work suddenly becomes flirty, teasing or downright sexy. The sudden urge to look at pretty girls and makes comments without you even thinking about it, was put into your head by her. She also knows that next time those pictures might be even racier. Another hidden file for you to find!

That naughty fairy also controls your hands, your fingers and your legs. Whilst you’re reading and chatting she is busy spreading your thighs. Those ever so obedient hands and fingers gently slip down your body. So slowly that you never even notice that one moment your right hand is by the computer, the next it is gently stroking the naked flesh of your thigh. Those naughty fingers creeping closer and closer under the edge of the panties. Soon you’re whole hand is under the edge. Your tickly bits wanting, and your fingers eager, to scratch that itch. The warm wet slickness as you slide a finger up and down it as you cup the hot mound of wanton flesh between your ever spreading thighs.

All this going on and you’re still not sure why. Yes even the nicest, sweetest girls, who wouldn’t let butter melt in their mouth, are suddenly acting like the dirtiest wanton sluts when the Gothic Fairy comes to stay for a while. She will not stop until she has her fun for the night. Well sometimes day and night. One finger becomes two as they work in tandem. Side by side they rub increasingly harder. Right from the top of the clit down to the rosebud they glide back and forth making you wetter and wetter. Your whole body tingles in anticipation. The fingers working ever harder to bring you to orgasm. Your wet hole gaping open and desperate to join the action. The oozing wetness from it inviting a finger or two to seek out the hot entrance and play joyfully inside. The crescendo of fingers and thumbs are too much and suddenly you feel the gushing wetness all over your fingers, wrist and thighs. The jerking movements subside as you feel weary and soon sleepy.

Her work is done for tonight and she too drifts off to sleep. Mind you her powers are ever watchful and should you awaken in the night she will be awake with you feeding those thoughts to your unconscious mind. Not tonight though. You sleep until the ringing of the bell awakens you. The stirring puzzles you as realise the laptop is still open and your clothes are all skew-whiff. The panties at your knees and only on one leg. Your top pushed up and your breasts in view. The alarm rings again, up you sit on the edge of the bed and still you wonder what had gone on last night. You turn to the wall as you stretch and see the picture. That picture of a Gothic Fairy you so wanted. If only you knew that the naughty fairy put the thought it your head, just like all the others whenever you’re in the room with her.

You head for a shower and close the bedroom door. The Gothic Fairy smirks, closes her eyes and dreams of you naked in the shower.



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