Fourteen Firsts…The Stories

Hi and welcome to Saturday blog thingymajig. So I told you last post that the book I wrote a story for had been published. Well I thought I might tell you just a little bit about  the stories….just a little, as I don’t want to give away too much and spoil your erotic fun.

E xx


Her Protector by Logan Tyler

This was the one story I wanted to read first….tingling I sat and opened the first page. I just sat there and was gobsmacked. What a wonderful surprise that she chose to write about Victoria and Sophie. She has written about them before on her blog Logan’s Secrets. It’s packed full of naughty fun for your enjoyment. So when you’ve enjoyed it, go check out her other stories, they are fab.

The Road Less Travelled by Anniston Baker

Now you can’t beat a good story that involves a bit of travelling. This tells the tale of Merritt and Jorah and their interesting journey to Jorah’s childhood home. It leaves you wanting to get out the motor and take a journey somewhere, anywhere, just for the hell of it, with the one you love.

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