Fourteen Firsts – The Stories


Yet more reviews of the stories from the superb Anthology recently published. If you’ve not checked it out yet, please do…off you go….Oh yes, and make sure you review it after you have read it.

Coming Home by Anna Reilly

A tale of a winter storm and the consequences for two ladies. They are stuck together in the remote Montana mountains after a trip for supplies. Beth with her four legged family and then she meets Misty a young traveller.

Anna has a blog which has become a home to a few waif and stray brats. Check it out

The First Jump by C J O’Hara

Sage takes the first steps into the world of TTWD and comes face to face with Tanya. She finds her new friend has many training tasks for her as she tries to prove she is really ready to take the jump.

An Appealing First by Claire Britain

A successful attorney with a failed marriage sets up a blind date with another woman after reading her profile on a dating website. Rebecca finally meets Gemma and their date turns very interesting for them both after the supper.

Claire wrote the wonderful book Reining in Riley which can be found here –

E xx

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