The Scarlett Lady – 2

The cold hit her immediately she left the stage. The sweat clammy on her skin, the already tight dress clung like a second skin. Thank goodness Vanda was waiting with a large black towel and a thermal blanket. As they made their way quickly back to the dressing room, Vanda holding her arm, whilst two security guards with lights lead the way. The crowd still chanting her name. Over two hours she had done and yet still they wanted more. She wished she could give them more, bloody bureaucracy with their stupid curfews.

At last entering the dressing room. Alone at last and out of the cold night air. This was now her time away from everyone else, except Vanda. The woman was a saint, but a fucking annoying one at times.

Patricia peeled the scarlet red dress off and threw it in the corner. She wasn’t worried, she had another ten exactly the same somewhere on one of the many touring trucks.

“Why don’t we get a quick shower?”

‘We’ – why was it always we, Patricia thought as she peeled off her underwear.

“You had better pick up your clothing before that though. I am not your personal maid, many things yes, but I will not clean up after you.”

Patricia had the urge to stick out her tongue at the words. If it wasn’t for the need to shower badly then she would have. It was almost second nature. One she had learned the hard way to bring back under control.

“Then you can wait in the corner until the transport arrives to take us back to the hotel.”

“Yes Vanda.”

Now was not the time for backchat. The shower beckoned.

“You, young lady, need to think on the conversation we had earlier today. Then we can have a talk back in the hotel room.”

With that Vanda was gone. The door locked behind her, only to be opened when Vanda deemed they were ready to go. That could mean ten minutes or an hour.

The quick hot shower, which she needed to wash the dripping sweat off made her feel better. With just a towel on her head she stood in the centre of the dressing room naked. It was her time now, the thought sent a shudder of pleasure through her.

Thoughts of the corner and the talk later were what had made her shudder.


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