Janie Louise


The journey was in silence and not a nice one either.

Morgan just stared ahead at the road, concentrating on what little traffic passed us. She never once looked at me. I stared out of the side window at the passing views, letting my eyes wander occasionally in her direction in case she wanted to say something. There was no flicker of anything, an impassive face looking at the oncoming traffic.

Although I did this journey nearly everyday there were buildings and landscapes I had not noticed before. The row of old stubby bare trees, the ruin of an old cinema and the new hairdresser shop. Then again, I had not needed to concentrate on them to distract my mind from what was about happen in the next fifteen minutes or so.

This stoney silence had started when she walked into the school. I was waiting for my usual lift, never sure who would be picking me up from one day to the next. Today it was Morgan. She just strode past me without saying anything, even a smile of recognition, knocked on the Principal’s door and went in. Five minutes later out she came, straight past me and headed towards the exit. I just scurried after her as she quickly and with purpose made for the parking lot.

I waited until she got out of the car until doing the same, just in case anything was said. She didn’t even utter a word when we entered the house. For a few minutes, I just waited in the hall whilst Morgan removed her shoes and coat before walking into the kitchen. Then taking me by my arm we made our way up the stairs and into the bedroom. The first words to me were six simple monotone ones, “Skirt up, pants down and corner.”

I looked at her for a second trying to read whether it was worth a protest but the scowl written on the face told me just to obey the command and hope that I wouldn’t be there long. Hopefully we could speak later about what had happened at school earlier today.

It was forty minutes I stood there with my butt on display and feeling cold in the corner of the room. Forty minutes to get to know the pale yellow colour of the wall in front of my nose. It had been painted since I had last stood here awaiting my fate at the hand, literally, of Morgan.

The clump, clump on the stairs told me she was returning. My body tensed as the door opened and closed in a mere moment.

“Get over here Janie Louise.”

I looked round before ambling to where she stood by the bed.

“Get over and put you hands on the bed.”

So much for the chance to plead for my forgiveness. The tone of the words she said made it plain, that if I so much uttered any word she would make what was about to happen to my behind a whole lot worse. I could tell my lip was quivering and I was about get tears in my eyes. I turned, shuffled closer to the bed, then bent over at the waist, placing the palm of my hands on the flower patterned duvet.

I suppose I knew in reality what the next sound would be but hearing the belt being drawn from around the waist I shuddered with fright. The tears now rolling slowly down my cheeks in anticipation of what I was about to receive.

“Stand still Janie. You’re getting twenty four.”

My god, how many? I closed my eyes and more tears were sent on there desolate journey down my face and onward to the duvet.

The first made me twitch, the second rapidly after, made me jump. She was going to make this a memorable punishment. Before I could even compose myself with what little dignity I could muster she had walloped me five times. Each one had left a deep imprint on my naked behind. Each one had also left a line of burning fire on my behind.

Six and seven followed quickly. They seemed to be getting harder as my beleaguered butt twisted away from the continuing onslaught from the two inch wide brown leather belt. Gripping the duvet tightly, my hands white, I tried desperately not to grab my behind to soothe the fire on my bottom. She would not hesitate to whack my hands if I did that and she’d continue until I removed them. I’d also still be getting the promised twenty four to my butt and possibly more.

Half way through and I’m struggling to stay on my feet. Each one is now falling across an already very red mark left. Each one criss crossing the last two inch line as she laid it on harder and harder. Maybe it was, maybe it wasnโ€™t, by now I was beyond caring.

It is only sheer luck, and my knees resting against the edge of the bed, that Iโ€™m keeping myself upright, as she continues onwards towards the final stroke. I’ve lost count by now as I have all my concentration on the pain my butt is registering inside my brain. My eyes are closed as a cascade of tears flow down my already wet cheeks. I can barely feel my hands as I grip the duvet, my nails digging into the palm of my hand in places.

I screech as one catches me across the back of my right thigh just below my cheek. Another screech as I get yet another in exactly the same spot. The second one feeling ten times worse as it digs deep into the red mark already left a moment or so ago.

At last it was over, not that I realised it immediately. It was only when she spoke that I knew my ordeal was finished as she put the belt back around the waist.

“Get up, get yourself descent and come down to the kitchen. Me and your Aunt want to have a word with you before supper.”

With that she was gone out of the room. I was left bending over, one hand still on the bed, one trying to wipe away the tears.

It took me a good five minutes to compose myself before I could even tackle the prospect of pulling my pale pink panties up and over my sore, swollen butt. I even thought about taking them off but knowing that if I was caught that I would suffer the same fate as a few years ago when I tried that. Believe me, I had no intention of getting a second helping of Morgan’s belt this time around. I gingerly eased them up and over my red raw cheeks as I looked over my shoulder at the view in the mirror on the wardrobe door.

I limped down the stairs and across the hall into the kitchen. Aunt Elizabeth had come home since so I joined Morgan and her in the kitchen. I felt my face blush when they stopped to look at me. Morgan never said a word as my Aunt carried on with preparing the meal as I stood still awaiting her to say something. It was obvious that Morgan had decided that the lecture I was about get was best left to the older member of the family. Not that Morgan was strictly family. She had married my Aunt six years ago but before that she had always been around.

We must have waited about two minutes in silence, well except for the sound of utensils chopping on the wooden board. Aunt Elizabeth placed them into a pan when she had finished, rinsed her hands under the tap, dried them as she turned to me.

“Pretty sorry state of affairs we have here Janie Louise,” she said, at last, folding the towel.

I looked up at her and tried to find a response but all I could do was shrug my shoulders. She carried on, leant against the breakfast bar, staring in my direction mainly, occasionally her eyes would wander across the room to where Morgan stood with a glass of something in her hand.

“I am at a lose to understand why on earth you would do something like that. We have brought you up to be better than that.”

I blushed a deep shade of red, unable to say anything as I knew she was right.

“You have never had to want for anything, so why would you take the fifty dollars,” she said shaking her head.

I was about to burst into tears again. It was only a few minutes since I had finally got them under control. It was true why had I taken the money.

“It’s a good job Principal Green got to speak to Morgan first because if I had been the one to pick you up I would have asked her to paddle your behind hard,” she said. “And then I would have given you something more back here.” She added looking around for something, presumably a glass of wine.

Words still failed me. I wondered for a moment if she really would have walloped me after the paddling, as I stood there waiting for her next words feeling a little girl caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“Janie Louise, you are a twenty four year old married woman and yet here we are having to wallop your bare behind so that you keep on the straight and narrow.”

Now those words did hit home. What would Carrie, my wife, have to say if she found out that I had been walloped hard by Morgan for taking money from the school petty cash tin without good cause.

“My god girl. Mrs Green could easily have fired you for theft. You realise that it was only because she is a good friend to the family that she let us deal with the matter.”

The tears finally came once again.

I had spent an agonising time in the office earlier when Mrs Green had found the note I had left in the tin last Friday. I had genuinely meant to replace it Monday but I had forgotten until that fateful moment when I entered the office and saw the tin open on her desk.

Aunt Elizabeth walked over to me and took me in her arms. It always been the same ever since my first spanking all those years ago, she would punish me, lecture me and then cuddle me. It didn’t make the receiving of my punishment any easier but at least I walked away feeling that I was still loved. Despite what I done I still got a smile as I was sent into the corner. Tonight, was going to no different even though I didn’t live there anymore. I slowly walked to the corner by the door as yet again wiping away the final remnants of the waterworks on my face.

Just before they got supper to the table I was released from my corner. I gathered my thoughts and things and they both kissed me as I stood in the open front door. I waved at the end of the drive and turned right to head home.







4 comments on “Janie Louise

  1. LoganTyler says:

    Loved this Lainey. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. Carrie says:

    Lainey this was a really good read, I enjoyed it very much!, really felt for poor Janie though *ouchie*! Thank you!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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