I couldn’t help it, I just stared. All the witty thoughts I had earlier when playing the scenarios in my head, could not prepare me for this moment.

Across the table in the dimly lit room your eyes caught mine and I knew I looked a little fearful. Who could blame me, you just told me you wanted me to stand up and get ready. To my face, not just in a speech box typed over the internet. I just sit staring, letting myself drown in your eyes, getting carried away by this feeling that started to overcome me when I heard those words fall out of your mouth. It finally hit home. I try to gather my thoughts as I blink my eyes but I had drifted miles away. I take a deep breath and finally smile at you. When you see this, you lower your eyes and stare at your fingers, suddenly becoming shy by your own words.

Your smile returns slowly and grows bigger as I somewhat awkwardly rise from the chair. Reaching down I slowly raise my navy blue skirt in between my trembling fingers. Exposing a slither of soft pale flesh, I softly caress it a moment before releasing, suddenly conscious of what I had done. The skirt slides slowly over my hips, leaving it pooled around my waist as I watch you watching me. My skin feels warm and soft under the waistband of my white lacy panties as I run a finger of each hand back and forth like a stripper would, before I quickly slip them down to mid-thigh.

I finally hear you say those words that I have been longing to hear since the moment you stepped off that train. Bend over. There it is, nothing more but those two little words that linger in the air. You seductively look over the rim of the glass of wine at me as your tongue quickly comes slowly out of your mouth to wet your lips. They finally reach my brain and you look away again, but I saw that smile.

Mesmerised by the eroticism I realise I am staring again. Deep within me something stirs and I take another deep breath when I realise just how badly I want you to punish me. Images rise to the surface, of you and I, my skin on fire, ragged breathing, eyes in the dark filled with lust, want, and need.

I snap out of it when you stand up from the table. You look at me, then at the table. You smile an all knowing smile and ask why I haven’t bent over the table yet. I say sorry as I look briefly up into your eyes, before I look down at my feet once more. I force myself, slowly bending at the waist, over the smokey grey glass table top. I gasp when I feel the coldness of the table on my bare skin. Quickly, my eyes shoot open and I look over at you to see a wicked grin on your face.

You calmly glide around the table so that there is only a millimetre between both of us. You take the waistband of my panties in your hands and gently ease them further down past my knees. Knowing what is about to happening I reach across the table and grab the far edge. I try to compose myself as I feel the touch of your long blue painted nails and finger tips on my tingling skin. They trace patterns up the back of my legs. You notice the difference in me right away as I feel my body stiffen with anticipation.

We say nothing, at this moment words would not be important.

After the warmth of your touch I suddenly feel the cool of the evening on my bare flesh. Standing to my left side I see your silhouette against the light of the tall lamp. The soft light makes shadows on your face. I long to feel your hand on my quivering cheeks. I feel the beating of my heart inside like it’s about to explode. You take your left hand and place it gently on my lower back and I realise we are one step closer to the goal. Our bodies are almost touching and I lean over further and let my hips touch the table edge. Electricity shoots through my body, I clench my hands tighter to let you know what this contact is finally doing to me. I hear a little noise and you cross that final distance between us. My body shudders as you now press the right hand against my upturned bottom. My heart races yet again as my head swims and I suck in air. In my head I shout that this is finally happening, reality, this is now our world. I hope you feel what I do now. Your fingers of the right hand though slowly tease my skin that waits for the next step once more.

A big smile appears on my face as you pull away your hand away. I am so close, yet it almost feels as though it is unreal. You hold me in suspense, I sigh and at last it happens.



5 comments on “Finally…

  1. naughtynora says:

    Oh, the suspense!!! Well done!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. the turning on is erotically epic.


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