Lainey Tales

An English Rose….

Lainey Tales has always been my alter ego. The naughty impish Goth girl I can never be.

I have a love of all things Goth, the image, the clothes and especially the music. Mental about The Sisters of Mercy and would happily see every concert they play, if only life did not get in the way!

The scribblings started with poetry. Full of lost love, dark winter nights, and the odd cemetery. All to fit the Goth image naturally. The stories that followed were initially taken from my love of history. There has always been a secret submissive side to me and my writing, the heroine that is drawn into something she knows is wrong.  It drew me into writing spanking themed stories. Maybe I see myself as the one being chastised across a lap, and usually the naughty thoughts that inspire involve an older woman.

I am inspired by many writers across many genres. Always willing to read something new, never know where it might take you….

Please feel free to contact me lainey@laineytales.com

E xx

One comment on “About

  1. lurvspanking says:

    Hopefully you’ll find that perfect partner that will allow you to be naughty and impish.

    Liked by 1 person

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