Fourteen Firsts – The Stories


The final reviews from the book. Now out in paperback for all those that prefer the old fashion print version. Which ever version you get please leave a review, it would be greatly appreciated by all those that laboured, sweated, and toiled over their story. (Stardawn is a very hard taskmaster you know!)

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An Order, A Promise, A Rogue: First Time In The Field by Ellie Rogue

Ellie is definitely a rogue…

A fantasy story which sees Amberly, the gifted apprentice to the leader of the Order of the Huntresses, first time in the field. She, her sworn enemy Shana, and others head out on a rescue mission. All does not go well and soon the two apprentices are having to explain their actions and facing the consequences.

Ellie has her own blog with many other tales.

Must Love Dogs by Tigger Redwood

A tale of a first time meeting. Laura meet Sasha on an internet site and when they finally meet face to face there is one problem, a big one that sees Laura facing more than her fear.

Just In Time by Stardawn Cabot

Down on her luck Lacey seems to lurch from one crisis to another in her life. Then she met Detective J.T. during a bank heist and suddenly realises that maybe there is a way out of her problem life.

Stardawn has published numerous books. Go check out them at Amazon.

Jac or Jillian by Jay Kay

Jillian meets Rosemary, the lady who rented the cottage next door for the summer. They get along just fine until unexpectedly Rosemary’s former lover Jacqui arrives. The sparks fly as they try to get the better of each other for Rosemary’s affection.

Hotel Sakura by Peach

A chance meeting on a flight to Tokyo with an author of erotic stories sees Neela face to face with Celia. They become very close friends when a ‘mix up’ over a hotel room finds then sharing the same one.

Peach has her own F/F blog. Go check out her other stories, including another tale with Neela.

Fourteen Firsts – The Stories


Yet more reviews of the stories from the superb Anthology recently published. If you’ve not checked it out yet, please do…off you go….Oh yes, and make sure you review it after you have read it.

Coming Home by Anna Reilly

A tale of a winter storm and the consequences for two ladies. They are stuck together in the remote Montana mountains after a trip for supplies. Beth with her four legged family and then she meets Misty a young traveller.

Anna has a blog which has become a home to a few waif and stray brats. Check it out

The First Jump by C J O’Hara

Sage takes the first steps into the world of TTWD and comes face to face with Tanya. She finds her new friend has many training tasks for her as she tries to prove she is really ready to take the jump.

An Appealing First by Claire Britain

A successful attorney with a failed marriage sets up a blind date with another woman after reading her profile on a dating website. Rebecca finally meets Gemma and their date turns very interesting for them both after the supper.

Claire wrote the wonderful book Reining in Riley which can be found here –

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Fourteen Firsts – The Stories


Reviews of more stories from the superb Anthology recently published. If you’ve not checked it out yet, please do…off you go….Oh yes, and make sure you review it after you have read it.

First Timers, Old Timers by Caroline Bentley

A romantic tale, with a lovely, heartfelt twist that left me with a lump in my throat and watery eyes. Beautifully written story telling the tale of Harley and Beth. The live and work together and now they share something else together.

Stay With Me by Mishi Dreamer

A trip to the old cabin which has many memories for Aurora and Sienna. Now they have few more to think about as they plan they future life with each other.

Check out Mishi and her other stories on her blog.

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Fourteen Firsts….

Today I  have some news!

On September 7th a new anthology of spanking stories — with the theme of “first times,” is to be published on Amazon. It is entitled Fourteen Firsts and I have a story that is part of the this wonderful publication.

It has been brilliantly put together by the well-known authors Anna Reilly, Stardawn Cabot and Claire Britain, edits by Stardawn. It features published authors and some brand new ones, like me. All proceeds will be donated to charities around the world.

Look out for the anthology launching September 7th.