The Gothic Fairy


There it was adorning the wall above the king size bed.

The bed that was much too big for the room. The poster arrived by special, special delivery on Friday morning. Your face lit up when you opened it. Surprise, but maybe it was shock that was written across your face. Anyway, it was soon hanging there like a guardian angel watching over its flock. Except this was a Gothic Fairy. Continue reading

The Sunday Short Play

IMG_0784“This is BBC Radio Four. The times is 5pm on this sunny August Sunday. Now we have our tea time short play. Today we find ourselves down at a cottage in the country.”

“I suppose you’ve earned a little spank after all this teasing, no?”

If you say so miss.”

“And for bearing all your little jealousies so well. I work hard to keep you jealous and to make sure you’ve got something to be jealous about! Hmm, yes, scoot that little bum across my lap then.”

Yes miss.”

“Your mommie wont be bothering us, will she?” Continue reading