Let Me In


I had the privilege to see The Eden House this weekend and I wanted to share with you the beautiful words to their song Let Me In from the album Songs for the Broken Ones. Go check them out.

So you’ve run away again
I’ve been here waiting all this time
Where will this running end
You’ve only got to look into my eyes

Let Me In

There’s no one else but us
Oh my love

Let Me In

How many shallow graves you’ve lain in
Buried by the voices that you’d left for dead
All the heroes and demons you’ve been
Playing out their wars in your exhausted head

Let Me In

I’ll wash away the pain
Oh my love

Let Me In

This is a song for the heart that still dreams
That love exists somewhere within us all
This is a song for the broken ones
Fighting the nightmares of their downward fall

Let Me In

There’s no one here but us
Oh my love

Let Me In

But the heart is endless
And my heart is endless
If there’s something left to believe in
I’m here
Waiting for you to come home

© The Eden House




I couldn’t help it, I just stared. All the witty thoughts I had earlier when playing the scenarios in my head, could not prepare me for this moment.

Across the table in the dimly lit room your eyes caught mine and I knew I looked a little fearful. Who could blame me, you just told me you wanted me to stand up and get ready. To my face, not just in a speech box typed over the internet. I just sit staring, letting myself drown in your eyes, getting carried away by this feeling that started to overcome me when I heard those words fall out of your mouth. It finally hit home. I try to gather my thoughts as I blink my eyes but I had drifted miles away. I take a deep breath and finally smile at you. When you see this, you lower your eyes and stare at your fingers, suddenly becoming shy by your own words. Continue reading

Fourteen Firsts – The Stories


The final reviews from the book. Now out in paperback for all those that prefer the old fashion print version. Which ever version you get please leave a review, it would be greatly appreciated by all those that laboured, sweated, and toiled over their story. (Stardawn is a very hard taskmaster you know!)

E xx

An Order, A Promise, A Rogue: First Time In The Field by Ellie Rogue

Ellie is definitely a rogue…

A fantasy story which sees Amberly, the gifted apprentice to the leader of the Order of the Huntresses, first time in the field. She, her sworn enemy Shana, and others head out on a rescue mission. All does not go well and soon the two apprentices are having to explain their actions and facing the consequences.

Ellie has her own blog with many other tales. https://talesofarogue.wordpress.com

Must Love Dogs by Tigger Redwood

A tale of a first time meeting. Laura meet Sasha on an internet site and when they finally meet face to face there is one problem, a big one that sees Laura facing more than her fear.

Just In Time by Stardawn Cabot

Down on her luck Lacey seems to lurch from one crisis to another in her life. Then she met Detective J.T. during a bank heist and suddenly realises that maybe there is a way out of her problem life.

Stardawn has published numerous books. Go check out them at Amazon.

Jac or Jillian by Jay Kay

Jillian meets Rosemary, the lady who rented the cottage next door for the summer. They get along just fine until unexpectedly Rosemary’s former lover Jacqui arrives. The sparks fly as they try to get the better of each other for Rosemary’s affection.

Hotel Sakura by Peach

A chance meeting on a flight to Tokyo with an author of erotic stories sees Neela face to face with Celia. They become very close friends when a ‘mix up’ over a hotel room finds then sharing the same one.

Peach has her own F/F blog. Go check out her other stories, including another tale with Neela. https://peachfiction.wordpress.com

Porcelain Pieces


I carry you around in a dream

My world in a pile of porcelain pieces


At the bottom of my heart

You might feel it

The stammer, the tremble in my voice

You think it’s kind of sweet

But don’t mistake it for weakness

Cause I can feel it tingling

It’s locked up inside, ready to burst

You’ll never know the way I loved you

It’s something I can’t understand

Took more than I could imagine, even now

All the time it felt so wrong

But now I can’t function

Awake or asleep

You don’t seem to feel it though

Meaningless words slip away

Life was sweet when you sparkled

Your smile, a unique candle glow

And you fell from heaven to me

Life fizzing through the air

E xx

Janie Louise


The journey was in silence and not a nice one either.

Morgan just stared ahead at the road, concentrating on what little traffic passed us. She never once looked at me. I stared out of the side window at the passing views, letting my eyes wander occasionally in her direction in case she wanted to say something. There was no flicker of anything, an impassive face looking at the oncoming traffic. Continue reading

Wolf Alice


So for the last twenty four hours i have been blasting out my AirPods with the new album Visions of a Life. Totally addicted and cannot wait to see them in November. My favourite track is Planet Hunter – I can relate to it so much it’s scary.

E xx

A moment’s happiness
Under the influence
I tried all night to recreate
And it was never ever gonna last long
And it was only ever gonna go wrong
And in the morning I only have myself to blame

Am I a planet hunter
Or a brave deviator?
I left my mind behind in 2015
Am I a planet hunter
Or a brave deviator?
I left my mind behind in 2015

Ooh ooh

A moment’s madness
Complements your innocence
I tried all night to initiate (ooh)
And I only ever try to have fun
I’m only old when I don’t feel young
And if you’re with me, yeah
You can come, yeah, along (ooh)

Am I a planet hunter
Or a brave deviator?
I left my mind behind in 2015
Am I a planet hunter
Or a brave deviator?
I left my mind behind in 2015

Ooh ooh

A moment’s happiness
A moment’s madness