Porcelain Pieces


I carry you around in a dream

My world in a pile of porcelain pieces


At the bottom of my heart

You might feel it

The stammer, the tremble in my voice

You think it’s kind of sweet

But don’t mistake it for weakness

Cause I can feel it tingling

It’s locked up inside, ready to burst

You’ll never know the way I loved you

It’s something I can’t understand

Took more than I could imagine, even now

All the time it felt so wrong

But now I can’t function

Awake or asleep

You don’t seem to feel it though

Meaningless words slip away

Life was sweet when you sparkled

Your smile, a unique candle glow

And you fell from heaven to me

Life fizzing through the air

E xx

Janie Louise


The journey was in silence and not a nice one either.

Morgan just stared ahead at the road, concentrating on what little traffic passed us. She never once looked at me. I stared out of the side window at the passing views, letting my eyes wander occasionally in her direction in case she wanted to say something. There was no flicker of anything, an impassive face looking at the oncoming traffic. Continue reading

The Fall



Just another first day

Summer is winter here

September silence

Save for the storm

Across the pond

Likey, likey on the airwaves

These little things that we do



Lonely in this bed

Green to red to

Grey to black

Gravity owns all my tears

Slowly move on

Torn and twisted heart

Made me broken

No shame

After all

It’s just the fall

Stolen Kiss



6:30 winter morn
Snow keeps falling, silence
She dreams of worlds far away
Sweet little worlds made for silence
Not talk, not heartache
Young heart for love

Every thawing heart plays a theme
Into eyes while they’re still blind
She took a step
Outside an innocent heart
Deep in a dream
For true loves first kiss

“Teach me passion
Show me love
Kiss while your lips are still red
So much more I wanted I’m sorry
No more to shame, nor me, nor you
And you…
I wish I didn’t feel for you anymore…”

Cherish the moment
Don’t let the dream fade to grey
The night hurts like never before
No last words to say
Only memories remain
Fare thee well, little broken heart

Whatever walks in her heart, will walk alone

E xx

Watching The Rain Upon The Ocean

]PJOWatching the rain upon the ocean through the endless rainbow.

There is nothing more I can do this morning, even if I had the energy. I listen to the rain and wind through the partly open doors. The pit, patter of the drops on the patio tiles, once a bright orange colour, now a dark brown wet colour.

Once again, my mind wanders to last year and the week spent here, half way up the mountain overlooking the sea. ‘The view through the bedroom window is beyond words,’ she said, and it was true. Waking up to this is worth more than anything money could ever buy. Continue reading